Monday, April 23, 2007

"Gombak Brothers Volleyball Setter"

Acik was excited since yesterday to go for the inter-distric volleyball tournament in Shah Alam. Like last year, Angah and Acik represent Gombak District in MSSN Selangor. Acik represent the under 12 team and Angah represent the under 15.

SK Taman Samudra was the district champion this year. So he was chosen again to represent Gombak District. Last year he was reserve for the district but now he is the player. Angah's school SMK Seri Gombak also represent Gombak.

Acik told me that he and Angah are the "Setter Adik Beradik Gombak". I repeated asked him " Apa dia? Adik beradik setter?" He told me that only Angah and him are siblings representing Gombak. On top of that, both of them are the "volleyball setters setting the ball for the spikers". Well that makes sense to me "
Adik beradik setter".

More exciting for him, he is the star player (according to him lah!) and this time he is playing too instead of being on the bench as reserve. By the way, Acik is shortest amongst the player. But since his "setting" is the best amongst the players, he has been representig his school for 3 years now.

Angah too has represented his school since the Form 1 i.e. 3 years in a row now. He played volley ball since primary school too.

Anyway, we sent them off to SK Taman Samudra where they took the bus to Shah Alam and Klang, respectively. Acik will be staying in Gold Coast Hotel Klang and Angah in Intekma Resort Shah Alam. The tournament starts this Monday. So what's the outcome. I hope they really make it this time.

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