Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Al-Fatihah to Puan Rahimah

I got this sms from my wife, Ky at 11.24 am.

"Untuk pengetahuan semua, sahabat kita, Pn Rahimah telah kembali ke rahmahtullah semalam, selasa jam 11.45 mlm. Mari lah kita berdoa semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya. Amin ya rab bal alamin.."

It was a devastating moment when I read this sms. Called Ky immediately after I read her sms. In between solemn and trying to console her, Ky told me that the last time she went to see Puan Rahimah in Damansara Specialist Hospital was last Monday, she was already in coma then. Last week, she also went to visit her after her Tafsir Quran class. Being frail and lost weight- due to the cancer cell have spread to the liver - they got to chat for awhile and shared some food together. Ky told me that Puan Rahimah had a few times invited her for lunch in her good times but time is not on her side - thus couldn't make it. Terkilan tak dapat makan bersama dulu.

Personally, I only knew Puan Rahimah from Ky. She is one of Ky's Cancer patients in Damansara Specialist. She had survived cancer for 7 years now. She had gone through several chemoteraphy, radiations and whatever she could stand until of late. She can't stand anymore side effects. She was taking alternatives supplements.

The first time I was introduced to her when we met at the Cancer Support group in Damansara Specialist. Ky was the facilitator. It was a special support group meeting there because it's a mothers day celebration too. Puan Rahimah was an invited speaker then. Her daughter and son also got the chance to speak highly of her.

The last occasion was on 17 February 2006. Ky and I organized a talk by Ustaz Dr Abdullah Yassin at KGPA on "Redha and Tawakal menghadapi penyakit". Puan Rahimah was there early to take the registration of the attendees. She also contributed some money to pay the rental of the hall - as this is a charity-kind of talk.

But most of all, she was close to Ky. Ky is her mentor and Puan Rahimah is Ky's close friend/patient/emotional partner - they both had cancer.Well it is time for her to go. We can't stop Allah's work. Probably it's best for her to go than to suffer in this world.

To my beloved wife : be strong and leave this to Allah because he knows what is best for you.

Al - Fatihah..

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