Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Go Acik Go Acik!

I was craving for soup for today's lunch. So Azlee & I drove to Sec 18 Shah Alam cos we knew there's a shop "Sup Utara" that serves good soup there. It's next to the KPP College. Got a parking next to the shop and got seats easily as there were not too many people yet.

I ordered "mixed soup", white rice and my favourite "telur masin". Azlee ordered "beef soup" with white rice. We had "teh o ais". The soup was good although it was a bit spicy - we sweat over it.

After lunch we stopped at "Gerai Pisang Goreng Azmi" at Sec 19 (near the commuter station). Azlee have to queue up for this.
Pisang Goreng Azmi is well known in Shah Alam for its best goreng pisang. I can vouched for that.

Our next stop is the Dewan Volleyball Shah Alam in Sec 19 . Dropped by to see if Acik is playing there. True enough when we arrived, I saw Acik playing against Sabak Bernam team. On average, his team is shorter compared to the Sabak Bernam team, where mostly chinese guys and taller. At standard 6, the tallest spiker is in fact taller than me.

Acik saw me - not sure whether he is excited or scared heheheee.. I greeted En Yahaya, the ex-PIBG Chairman. He is the strong supporter for SK Taman Samudra team. Cikgu Yazid also saw me - but he was also concentrating on his team. Acik is the smallest kid in game - but mind you he did some tricks that gaves point to his team.

Gombak team managed to score over Sabak Bernam Team on the second game and went for rubber set. Unfortunately, they lost 15-7. But they showed true sportmanship but lost to a better exponent.

Well try again Gombak Team. You have few more games to go!

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