Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's time for Tax Return again!

Ha! It's time to prepare for the Income Tax again. As usual it's been dreading yearly activity to compile all the receipt, documents, bills and whatever I have and to get all the proper record. I have been keeping most of these in a big envelope because I know it will really helps me when I start doing this tax return.

Yesterday in the Main Office Lobby, our HR had arranged for the Inland Revenue to set up a counter to handle all the tax enquiries for the staff. I didn't bother to join becuase I wasn't ready yet. I have been postponing to even start doing it since I got the Income Tax Return last February.

So this morning I thought of doing it for good cause I wasn't that busy today. Went into the Income tax website and got access to the e-filing. It was quite easy though compared when I tried to access it last year. Last year I got so frustrated trying to get into the website, let alone downloading the file. So last year I ended up submitting my tax return via the normal manual form.

Once I have downloaded the file, eveything seems to be simple. And since I got all the hospital bills, insurance statement, zakat statement, EA form and everything I needed, I start filling up the relevant boxes. It will also automatically calculate how much you got to pay.

I was really excited cause the amount at end of the statement says "cukai yang terlebih bayar RM1,073.29". Is it for sure??? I kept recalculating the figures to make sure. Yes! it is the extra amount that I have paid. Woweee!!!!!!!! What a relieve and what a pleasure.

After many years of submitting the tax return, this is the first time the Inland Revenue owes me that much hahahaaa... So I print out a copy of the statement just to make sure that it is for real. And I also made a personal record of submitting the tax way before the dateline and not rushing to submit it on the last day.

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