Thursday, November 15, 2007

Along struggling with his SPM

Whilst Acik (Adib) is anxious plus scared to get his result, Along (Aizuddin) is currently struggling with his SPM. His SPM started on Monday with BM papers. After that was English and so on.

He is taking 12 papers altogether. 3 of which were Arabic Communication and other 2 I'm not sure - but I know it's related to Arabic papers. One of the hardest and most difficult for him was Additional Maths. He failed is his previous trial exam whilst he scored 7 A in the rest of the subject. But he passed in his other modern maths. Not bad I thought. What can I say? I asked him to try harder so that he can get at least a credit for his Add Maths. I can't advise him much on Add Maths cos I flunked my Add Maths as well when I did my MCE zillion years ago hehehee.

But of course as a father, you always want you kids to have the best result right? But to think of it, even if I didn't an A for Add Maths, I didn't even apply all the tangent, sign, cosign, and mind boggling formulas God knows what today. And even without Add Maths, I still obtained my Masters Degree in Business Administration. Dapat CGPA 3.95 lagikkkk!! hehehe.. So what if you failed Add Maths right? It's just a subject. I wonder if Bill Gates ever pass his maths classes??? Anyway.......

By the way, Along is in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama Simpang Lima, Sungai Besar. A 2 hours drive from our home. So last Saturday, Ky, my sis-in-law Hindun and I went to see Along. It's a matter of giving him the last encouragement before his exam. Bought him some food and took him to town the get him whatever stationery he need for his exam. Ky also brought a bottle of "air Yassin" for him as well. Mudah-mudahan dengan berkat doa ibu, insyaallah orang kata terang hati anak.

Being the eldest son, I always advised to show good example to his siblings. Of course I prayed that he will do his best in his SPM and get the best result. Hopefully he will get entrance to a good college or university next year.

To Along.. Ayah & Mak prayed for you ok. And you should
do nothing but the best.

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