Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hari Raya & Birthday

I know I haven't been blogging much since before Hari Raya. With so much things happening with my life, I hardly have time to blog.

Anyway let me start with the Hari Raya do that I have planned on the 27 October 2007. Actually I don't have plan to do a gathering cum open house at my house. Firstly because Bibik is not around as she took a long 2 months leave and celebrate Hari Raya in Surabaya. So who want to cook? Secondly, of late Ky is not too well. Her health is not getting better. Luckily my sister-in-law, Hindun came to help out.

So when many close friends have been asking me whether they could pay a visit to see Ky ( as they have not seen Ky quite sometime), I thought why not I plan a day so that all of them can come at one time. Tak payah nak layan sorang-sorang datang right.

Besides that since Ky enter a new age on 26 November 2007, I thought why not I throw 2 birds with one stone. So I invited them to come on Saturday afternoon for a "surprise birthday party" for Ky in pretext of coming for a small open house.

Well most of my invitees came. Ayu, came with a Secret Recipe's cheese cake while Siti came with a nice chocolate cake. Semua kena sorok dulu because it's supposed to be a surprise birthday right.

Yummy cheese cake (my favourite)
and moist chocolate cake (best nyer!)

Happy 47th Birthday Sayang.

Aizat, Me,Mimi & Ky. Aizuddin is in his school and
Adib went to his friend's open house.

I was very pleased that people who came were close friends and my fellow networkers. People who really care for Ky and we are just goods friends as well.

Peter came first. Right on the dot at 4pm. At that time I was still preparing the rojak buah. Sedap tau. Petulia was in Singapore - busy building her network.

Zahrah & hubby, Yusuf Feeney came. I have not seen Yusuf since he went back to the US and we were surprise when he came.

Zahrah & Yusuf Feeney

Adah and Tengku Fadzil came with Tengku Abidah (Kak Ngah). They were such a good old friends and we had missed each other a lot. Kak Ngah loves the soto and she ate twice. Kata nya untuk lunch and dinner sekali. I told her she can eat as much as she want. After all we hardly meet each other, probably once a year. So makan lah to fill up the one year's quota hahaha... What touched me most is when Kak Ngah said that she always felt at home when she came to my house and that to her, she had treated me like her own family. Well I told her that she is always welcome to my home and we always "tak berkira" kind of person and we enjoy each other companion as friends.

Ayu, Ina & Nado and Faisal came a bit later. Ijah came with Dr. Hali and Siti came later after sesat barat somewhere. But she later managed to arrive a bit later.

Good old and new friends came to celebrate
Ky's surprise birthday.

Zul & daughter Erena came at about 6pm whilst Am & Mai came about 7pm. They were the last to come.

Anyway I guess we had a great time together. My objective were met. I managed to get those who wanted to see Ky had their wish fulfilled. I, on the other hand, had my wish fulfilled too when we had a surprise birthday for Ky. I hope this is not the last birthday party for her.

Smile ladies .. smile..

After Maghrib, we had to go to abang's house in Kelana Jaya for another family gathering.

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