Thursday, March 13, 2008

SPM and Decision Making

Aizuddin a.k.a. Along has been quite a studious guy. He's the quiet type and don't talk much unless he's being asked. In short, he's the reserved type or what we called "Phlegmatic", the cool type- just like me. Unlike his two younger brothers who is more "noisy" than him.

Along just got his SPM result yesterday. I didn't put high hope on him although I know that he's above average. It's just that sometimes he is playful in his quietness. He got representatives of all the grades i.e. A, B and C for all his 12 subjects. Alhamdullilah he didn't failed any of his subject.

I was a bit concern last time because during his monthly test and Trial exam, he flunked his Add. Math and one Islamic paper. His late mother was also worried but she always reminded him to continue study and try harder.

So whilst other kids were overjoyed with straight As, I was overjoyed that he didn't fail any subject. He got A's in BM, English and Math. B's in 4 subject and C's in 5 subject. To me it's ok for him getting that result because I know he had tried his best. What else can you expect?

Last night I sat down with him in front of the Computer. He is now applying for a place in University. He had earlier went into a website to apply for a place and had some idea of what courses to apply. But I told him, before he finalised his application, let me go thru' his choices of courses.

He initially wanted to do several courses : Chemical Engineering, Accounting or Business. Since the application requires him to put about 8 choices, I suggested him a few more. This include Architecture (since I always wanted to be an architect before but never materialised). Along also opt for a Psychology course probably like wanted to follow her Mak's footstep. He also applied for a Aeronautical Engineering course - probably out of curiosity.

Whatever he chooses I am pleased with it. I wanted him to learn to make his own decision and wanted him to be independent: just like me when I was at his age. I was really independent then and no one actually help me to choose what I wanted. But I survived.

On top of that, I was not too concern about what courses he wanted to take. What matters most is that he is willing to learn, develop his thinking, develop his skill and get him prepared for the real world. The courses he will be taking doesn't matter much to me.

At one time, a friend of mine: Abg Latip, deliberately told him that it doesn't what courses he want to take. Because at the end of the day, it's what he wanted to do with his life and what makes him happy to do for a living. Abg Latip for example is a qualified Engineer but later ended working in Marketing. And now he is a caterer. What a big difference right? He also mentioned a Engineer friend of his also ended as an owner of a restaurant.

So it doesn't matter much now what courses Aizuddin will choose. What more important is the decision he will make in the future on what he want to do for a living at the end of the day and how he manage his life.

As a father, I always wanted him to be the best what he want be and not forgetting to be a good son to me and a humble soul to God - a Solehin.

By the way, Along passed his car driving test (after taken for a second time). He had passed his motorcycle test last week. Congratulations Along!

Aizuddin merenung masa depan nya!

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petite n powerful said...

Wahhh....jauh renungannya. Its amazing though how our 'babies' grow up so quickly, and soon will want to leave the nest. Ouch....the thought of my two babies moving away to pursue their lives gives me the shivers....though I cannot be selfish, and I pray that they will be good people and kept safe here on earth and the life after.
Learning is a great gift from Allah. Its not what you learn, but how you learn during uni that is important. Once you master the art of learning, you can adapt to any new changes life throws at you. (Hence Engineer cum Caterer)I love learning, it excites me to know that there is an infinite of things out there beyond our comprehension. Your son will enjoy himself in this new chapter of his life. Saya tumpang doakan dia berjaya, Amin.