Thursday, March 27, 2008

Medal of Happiness

Now my three kids had won the games they played in the Gombak District inter-zone tournament. Here's their medals.

Acik & his team was the champion in their under 15 game. He said only 3 of the 6 players were from form 1 whilst the rest were from form three. And that he is the shortest. Dia act sikit - dia kata dia lah the best ball setter for his team.

Acik a.k.a Adib's medal of championship.

Angah & his team got 1st runner-up in the under 18 category. He not only the medal but also both of his legs got muscles cramp.

Angah a.k.a Aizat's medal of agony.

Now Mimi pulak dapat medal ni. Johan lah konon. More so that she loves the glamor of getting the attention after winning the game.

Mimi's handball medal of glamor.

See I told you why it's a medal of glamor. She took this pic below on her own.

Mimi with her 1st medal of happiness.
(Gombak inter-zone handball Champion)

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