Monday, July 23, 2007

Ceramah "Taubat"

Apart of our daily life, my wife, Ky especially loves to do something as a welfare work especially related to the religion. She teaches Al-Quran with few other ladies volunteers at a nearby Surau. Apart from that, she also organised a ceramah for the benefits of the people in general. Of course, I will back her up on this.

So last Saturday, we had organised a Ceramah on "Taubat" by Ustaz Dr. Abdullah Yasin. This is a second of a series that we had orgainsed. The first one was a Ceramah on "Menghadapi Penyakit and Tawakkal".

The idea of having this talk on
"Menghadapi Penyakit and Tawakkal" was mooted by Ky specially for Cancer patients and for people who is facing with many other ailments and sicknesses. Since the respond for this first talk was overwhelmed, we decided to have the "Taubat" talk. Later there will be another talk in the future.

As talk is organise on personal basis, we had to get few volunteers to assist us. First we got Pertubuhan Kumpulan Al-Nidaa' to help us advertise this talk to their members and public. This helps us a lot in letting people know about the talk. We also roped in our cousin, Aini, who also got few of her friends to mend the registration table. We also got somebody to volunteer as the MC.

So last Saturday, at 10.00 am in Bangunan Marinara, the talk was held. By 9.00 am people started to arrive and by 9.45 am, people started to flock in and the registration table we busy registering the attendance.

The attendance was overwhelmed. By the headcounts, there were about 600 people who came as far as Seremban and Ipoh. The 500 seats were all filled up and some had to sit on the carpeted floor. I managed to squeeze in additional chairs for the late comers.

As usual, the Ustaz would refer to the printed note so that everybody would follow thru and understand his explanation.

One thing why I like to listen to Ustaz Abdullah Yassin is his way of communicating the content of his note in a relax and "not stressful" way. In layman's word, he is not only mentioning punishments and hell all the way. He would give example of his teaching that people would understand easily and at ease.

Many teaching and new things that I learned from this talk. Among others:
Taubat Nasuha ia lah taubat yang memenuhi 3 syarat :
  1. Meninggalkan Maksiat
  2. Menyesali
  3. Berazam untuk tidak mengulanginya lagi
Do you know that all the Dosa-dosa kecil akan terhapus from prayers to prayers i.e. dosa kecil will be deleted once we prayed? But not the Dosa besar of course.That's interesting isn't it. So we have to pray lah ....

The talk was suppose to finish by 12.30 pm, but due to some questions and answers session, it ended up by 1.30 pm but nobody's complaining.

On the other note, the talk had achieved it's objective. Many people came and thanks us for organising the talk. The money collected from the registration were paid for the rental of the hall, the printing cost for the handout notes and some sumbangan for the Ustaz. For the balance of the collection, we have decided to donate into the building fund of a surau at one of the Sekolah Tahfiz. As this is a voluntary work, it is more rewarding to help other people and we seek more in the days of hereafter.

If God's willing, we are going to organise another talk of this series. Insya'allah.

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