Friday, July 13, 2007

17 years of working here

Got an email from HR with regard to the Company celebration of it’s 22nd Anniversary. of inception. And then I also got an email for the occasion of celebrating those who have worked in the company for 10 and 20 years. Then I realized that I have been with this same company for 17 years. Arghhhhhh…. 17 years?? And to be exact, I started working here on 5 July 1990. So this mean that last 5 July 2007 was my 17th years working in this company.

I can’t believe it. Me being here for 17 years – that’s how old my eldest son will be on 8 August 2007. 17 looooong years. So what do I get out of it? Good question. But can I get a good answer out of this 17 years. I guess so.

I was working in a 6-days a week job in a bank and always wanted to work in a 5-days week office. My luck came when I received an appoinment offer letter from this company. I started work being a young executive Corporate Planner. Mind you that at that point of time a salary of RM1,800 is considered a big salary. Well compared to a mere monthly salary of RM1,000 in that bank, it’s a huge jump. And I remember that about a month after I joined, my first son, little Aizuddin was born in Subang Jaya Medical Centre. What a joy?

Being a Corporate Planner, was an experience. I remember doing feasibility studies to buy over companies, doing joint ventures and also forming new companies. Get to know more about Contractual Agreements and work closely with our legal team. Did some travellings to Japan concluding several agreements and even to Pakistan investigating a deal.

Over time the job scope also changed. At one point of time, my department was the Secretary for the Management Committee Meeting (MCM). That's where all approval for projects were made before submission to the Board of Directors. I was also mandated to be the Secretary of the MCM for about half a year after the Company Secretary left.

It sound a bit glamour to be the secretary of the MCM. Who would not? I know all the secrets and the P&C stuffs of the company. As part of the MCM, I gained respect from most of the Divisional Heads. Everyone makes sure that they submit reports of time or I will be the one who would call and get a nasty remarks from me. Some would not even want to pick my calls because there scare. Ahaha.. those were the days.

After about 14 years in Corporate Planning, I decided to make a move. Management of Company changed. So are the culture and environment. Thus I requested to move into International Marketing. It might be different being a Corporate Planner but I just need a change. Afterall I have an MBA majoring in International Business.

My request was approved and thus I landed being the Head of Business Support i.e. handling order management and logistic. Although it is totally new environment, I've got to learn this new tricks. Now after almost 3 years in International Marketing, I'm ok. Well, people keep changing. People come and go. But for me, well I will stay as long as I can. The pay is good. Me being complacent and not wanting to move to a new venture (for now) and I'm still ok with it.

17 years in this Company have given me some pride, some future, a lively hood for my family, an experience being employee, friends and colleagues became family to me, and most of all a "rezeki yang halal". Alhamdullillah.


deOughtred said...

Bro Azam,

Am proud to be around you during your 9th to 15th year there. And am proud too to be your successor as the Secretariat to the MCM. Only the selected ones were chosen! Hehehe...

Anyway, after 17 years there, what's your EHS score? Still 4 or goed down to negative? Heheheh.. no clue? Check my blog laaa under the 4D nombor ekor entry.

Phlegmatic Melancholic said...


Memang lah proud,, tapi bila Tengku Mahaleel tengah marah kat MCM.. semua orang takut. Nak amik minit of meeting pun terketak-ketak heheh..

EHS score.. as they said : for me to know for you want to find out. Jom..hehhee!