Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lost of a love one

One of our dearest friend, Petulia sent me a sms about 12.36 am, which I only open it up in the next morning. She told me that her dog, Bucky passed on after 2 days of being ill. She and her family just came back from Macau for a break after 3 years of no holidays.

So early in the morning I replied her sms giving my heartfelt condolence as she is grieving for her loss of a love one.

I didn't know how much Petulia & Peter love the dog. To me it was just another pet that I used to see once awhile when I was at their home. But it was more than that. She considered Bucky, as her baby daughter. Both Peter & Petulia didn't have any baby since they got married 10 years ago. And having Bucky would probably been a blessing to them. They gave Bucky love as if Bucky is their child.

And now with Bucky gone, Petulia was petrified and felt miserable. Probably we don't understand how she felt with this loss.

Petulia wrote an email to people close to her including us telling us how much she "felt loss" of Bucky. This what she wrote.

"Whether you believe it or not…I believe that she was so close to us that she can sense everything that happens around her…she was closest to Peter and I as she saw us grow in our relationship, get married and went thru everything with us for ten years!

We truly miss her so much…we feel like our hearts are broken and we lost our child."

I felt bad about it too. I didn't know how much she felt the loss until I read her email. For someone who were not blessed with a child, probably were blessed to have the love from a dog like Bucky.

To Petulia, my heartfelt condolence. I know we don't feel the loss as much as she felt, but we do know how it felt to loose someone that we loved so much.

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