Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Angah

Today is the 9th of March 2009. It's Angah @ Mohamad Aizat's 17th birthday.My second boy is growing up fast. He has grown his beard and now started shaving already.

I once asked him what he wanted to be when he grow up. Instantly he said that I want to become a Pilot. When I asked why? He said that a pilot can get high salary and he wanted a profession that makes lots of money. Well, I guess that makes some sense.

Years earlier when I asked him what is his ambition was, he can't answer it. He wasn't sure what he wanted in life. Later on when I asked him again, he said he wanted to do something that can makes him lots of money. Then I told him, why not become a business man.

Anyway it's been a long way from what he was and what he has become. He now has his own piece of mind. Growing up has makes him more of a person.

Angah was once the notorious son of mine. He would make the world upside down. Belief me. He does. We shook our heads in disbelief what he has done. When he lost his tantrum, all our furniture were upside downs and disarranged. He once kicked one of arm chair and broke one of its legs. Till now I still keep that chair and won't dispose it. It's kind of rememberance of Aizat growing up days. I would once awhile told him what he has done before and show him the chair. Well many things have changed but a few more still stick in his character.

This is Angah @ Aizat when he was about 5 years old.

He has come a long way. He is now maturing well. At times I don't have to ask him what to do as he would have done it himself.

This is how he look now. A grown up teenager.

He once told me that he wanted a B.U.M. wrist watch from the catalogue. We had already went for window shopping a few times somewhere searching for a watch for him but none attracted him. So recently I saw this quite pretty and cool B.U.M. watch and I ordered for him as a birthday present. Luckily he likes it.

A B.U.M. wrist watch that he always wanted.

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Lena's Ibu said...

Lang zal hij leven,
Lang zal hij leven,
Lang zal hij leven in de gloria,
In de gloria, in de gloria!
Hieperderpiep, hoera!

Congratulations on your 17th birthday. Semoga Allah lindungi Aizat sekeluarga selalu..

K.Emma, A.Dennis & Lena