Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Yesterday, I was busy working on some daily work when someone from the Product & Marketing Dept. (PMD) guy came near to me. I took no attention as I thought he was just meeting some of the staff in my section. With him was another young guy holding a camera.

Suddenly this PMD guy came nearer to me shaking my hand. Being a nice guy I greeted him as well as I had know him for sometimes now.

With him smiling to me he said, " En. Azam. Boleh ambik gambar tak?".
I was curious but being straight forward, I asked him. "Buat apa?".
"Kita orang nak carik talent for photo shoot untuk launching "Exora" nanti." He said.
(Exora is PROTON latest model to be launched next month).
I humbly said, "Alah..carik orang lain lah yang lagi hensem. Buat apa ambik I pulak?".

What he was going to say makes me felt funny and a bit insulted also?

"Tak, kita orang nak cari orang yang tua sikit yang macam family man". He said.

My lady executive who sat besides me started laughing already. So is the guy next to her. And these people give more "nasi tambah" saying this and that. "Oi tak orang lagi tua ke?" "Orang yang hensem kan banyak lagi"etc.etc.

Dalam hati "kurang asam betul. Ada kah aku ni dah tua sangat?"
"Eh you ingat I ni tua sangat ke? heheh..

But he pacify me.... "Kereta Exora kan untuk family. Jadi nak tunjukkan orang yang ada family lah???? Macam En. Azam.."

To cut the story short, the other young guy who was holding the camera started taking my pics with several pose. After that they left and I didn't think of it at all. I just comply to him so that he can go elsewhere to find some other talent.

That was yesterday. Today I was busy as ever with more things to be done especially the monthly reports. Then about 5.40 p.m. someone called my handphone. The number is peculiar to me but he introduced himself to me.

"Hello En. Azam. This is ..... from Marketing and Comm., EDAR".
I kindly said. " Yes, anything I can help you?"
He : "Are you free tomorrow?"
Me : "For what?" I go straight to the point.
He : "Can you come for photoshoot?"
Me : "What photoshoot?" (I didn't remember about yesterday talent search).
He : "Oh.. you are selected for the photoshoot for the Exora launch. So can you come"
Me : ...thinking and felt funny..ha.. aku nak jadik model.. tak payah... but I still don't want to disappoint him.
"Hmm... I have a meeting in the morning but I will be around this building. So what time you want to take?"
He : "How about in the afternoon?"
Me : "I have another meeting form 2.30pm til 5.30 pm. How long does the photoshoot take?"
He : "The whole day"
Me : "The whole day? Apa lama sangat? Malas lah."
He : "Alah tolong lah!"
Me : "Sorry lah. I'll be busy the whole tomorrow. Kalau weekened boleh lah."
He : "Tak boleh lah. Kene esok jugak".
Me : "Kalau macam tu, tak payah lah. Carik lah orang lain." I apologatically told him. Habis lah peluang nak jadi pelakon terkenal hahahaa...

Demand pulak I ni. But suddenly I thought, the photo shoot will take so long and it's very damn boring. I had once experience before when I took my daughter, Mimi for a photo shoot. It took almost the whole day andI have to wait for her. Letih betul. So it's ok for me. I'm not "gila glamour" and I don't intent to be a model anyway. So if you see the Exora commercial later, always remember that the "family man" guy in that commercial should have been me heheheee...


Zalina said...

Do something for Malaysia! Its National car beb....tak pe tunggu another model VFOF (Vehicle For Old Folks) hehehe........

Tante Fie said...

U should have charged them uncle mie. Charge mahal2 but it has to depend on where the advertisement akan keluarlah kan? can ask me to act as ur manager and i could negotiate the price for you based on market price. :P