Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Your Best Year Yet!

It now February 2009. Have you ever asked yourself what resolution have you made for this year? Have your resolution for the year before been achieved? Or that you will do all over again since your resolution were never achieved years after years.

Well you maybe surprise that you have not done anything to achieve whatever you wanted for that year until the very last minute. Only on 31st December you suddenly think that " ah...my resolution....???" or you might be thinking "well...why not do it all over again". There's another year to go.

For those who are very melancholy and didn't achieved whatever you want, don't despair. Be cool. There is a chance to achieve your best year yet.

I recently attended a workshop that teaches us how not to despair despite that we haven't achieved everything that we wanted. It because sometimes we do not actually focus on what we want.

The speaker mentioned that for a start we should focus on the positive things that we have achieved. Even though it a small achievements, it is still an achievement. Because to trigger our mind and to motivate ourselves, we should focus on positive things first. If we start being negatives there you are.... you have let yourself to develop a blockage and negative imaginations of yourself.

So the speaker asked each of us to list down 10 positive things that you have achieved. And I did this exercise as well just to remind me that... hey I did achieved something over the last year;
  1. I survive my singlehood as a father for a year now.
  2. I can take care of my kids. They are healthy and well taken care of.
  3. I was promoted to higher grade.
  4. I still have family that cares for me and my kids.
  5. I still friends that still cares for my well being.
  6. I still have a job.
  7. I managed to enroll my first son to a University.
  8. I am still healthy.
  9. I clear off my credit cards every month and no outstanding.
  10. I did my first own seminar overseas after years of not doing it.
So when you start with something positive, you can continue to do positive things instead of regretting what we have not achieved.

So you silent readers, why not do the same exercise? Who knows that you have achieved more things that you can imagine by simply start with a simple positive achievements.

And as for me. I will continue to write down what I wan to achieve for this year. And for that I will not reveal here. It's for me to know and for you to find out.


ibuVouge said...

tq for the tips.. I will do .. tq again

Silent Reader said...

Every Year is The Best Year of Your Life! Rejoice!