Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mayumi Itsuwa - Ribaibaru "Revival"-

I was driving home from work last Friday. After a long day work and meeting after meetings, at last I'm going home for the weekends. Friday is a day you to look for - you are heading for weekends. It the rest days for you right? No boss, no meetings, no work - for a couple of days.

So while I was driving somewhere in USJ, while listing to one of the radio station, this song was tuned in. A melodious Japanese number. I had heard it many time before but couldn't figure out how to get this song.

And now with the internet thingy, you can get any songs you want. And I got this one from youtube. For those of you who are the "jiwang-jiwang" type, I'm sure you would love this song by Mayumi Itsuwa. Happy listening.


Daddy said...

Dear Uncle Mi,
Better late than never! Gefeliceteerd (congratulations) from us here in the Netherlands on your belated birthday.You are an inspiration for us-the younger generation (hihi..) to always look at life positively.May Allah always look after you and your family.
-Family Huisman-

Phlegmatic Melancholic said...

Dear Dennis

Thanks for your wishes.
Hope everything is fine with guys over there.
Do take care of Emma and the little one. My warmest regards to Riek and the rest of your family.

Uncle Mi

Brother Lans said...

Zam aslkum.Lagu ni mengingatkan I zaman dolu-dolu kat J*R. Lagu ni memang layaaaaan.Best you jumpa lagu ni.*Sekarang apa dah jadik, I kat Jerman tapi layan lagu Jepun! :-) Thank you Zam for having this song which brings back old fond memories of the 80's :-)