Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th....Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!

Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang - Imran Ajmain

It's Friday the 13th. To some superstitious people, it's a omen day. To some it's an unlucky number 13. But to those who are very very superstitious, there's a one word for you ... " Who cares". It my Birthday dude. If I'm unlucky, would I have stayed alive still now. If I'm unlucky, would I have many people who still loves me as what I am and what I have become. If I'm unlucky, would I have survived 3 economic recessions already hahahaa.. now you know my age hehehe...

Or should I just upturn the word unlucky to very lucky. Maybe I can list down some of my personal achievements that I have gotten over many years even thought I born on the "13th". For a start I want to list at least 10 of them.
  1. I was the first in my family to pursue my study in a university. What more if it an American University.
  2. I was the first to get an MBA. That's my greatest educational achievement.
  3. I was married to someone I love very much and we were blessed with 4 kids.
  4. I now have 4 growing up teenagers. Some people unfortunately don't have children. I pity them.
  5. Health wise, I'm still ok. Sugar and cholesterol level still within the normal range. But of course I'm taking precaution about my health.
  6. I still have good job with great people around me.
  7. I still have family who still cares about me.
  8. I still have lots of friends who still calls me once awhile to know my well being. And there are still people who reads my blog right?
  9. I still have my networking friends who build the business together with me.
  10. I'm still alive and I love my life.
So who still say that 13 is unlucky. What more if 13 February is just a day before the Valentine's day. But I'm not going to elaborate on Valentine's Day. Because I heard the Khatib at the Khutbah yesterday, said that it's not proper for Muslim to celeberate Valentines day because it's a day for rememberance of Saint. Valentine. What he is trying to say that it's haram... fullstop!

Anyway last week, we had a family gathering at my mom's place. The initial reason was to have a doa selamat for Azura@Jua as she is leaving to pursue her studies in Australia. Since we are congregating, we might as well have a bacaan yassin for our family members who had left us. And the third reasons is celebrating those birthday in February. So of course lah... they include me as well. Not that I insisted but when people want to celebrate your birthday, you wouldn't want to disappoint them right?

My sister Ina wanted to buy a cake and asked me what kind of cake do I want...
Not that I insisted, but I told her a chocolate cheese is good... and she bought one
from Secret Recipe.. sedap kau.. sambil jilat sudu..Thank you Ina.

February birthday : Nazar, Niki, Zie and Me.
But since Nazar is not around, Hidayat represents him.

My Mak... at 84 she still can celeberate with me.
That's more important to me than anything else.


Brother Lans said...

Zam aslkum.You celebrate birthday ke? Berapa?*winking twice then grinning* Semoga diberkati Allah Zam hidup you & keluarga you.Wassalam BrotherLans'2009

Zalina said...

Happy Birthday to you.... Those who borned in Feb.... are sensitive, dreamy and mystical. The Piscean emotions are pure and simple. These people go with the flow, giving it an easiness, and oneness with nature.

When the sales girl asked me how many candles that I need for the cake. I said 8 + 15 + 49 (for my children and their uncle). She puzzled, then I said nevermind just give me all that you have in stock. Kalau nak letak semua kat atas cake to cukup space you.....

Anyway its only a number ... who care???

muhammad aqip bin mohd azman said...

selamat hai lahir uncle mi.. semoga dipanjang kan umur dan sentiasa di limpahkan rezeki yang berlipat kali ganda... insyaallah...