Saturday, August 22, 2009

Salam Ramadan

Ramadan is here again. This is the second year my kids will be going through this Ramadan without their beloved Mak. Today, during our first breaking fast together, one of our dining chair is empty. Only the 5 of us are there. This is a second year where the seat is empty. Insya'allah we can go through this year again.

Yesterday, for our first Terawih prayer, all of us went to the Surau Taman Selasih. The boys went on their own. Only Mimi went with me. She had wanted to go for the Terawih prayer for 2 reasons. One is to pray and the other reason is because some of her friends are there. Whatever it is, I guess she that's ok with me. And today, Ika (her cousin) went with us. Mimi told me that she was more excited this year because she can go to the Terawih now. Not that I didn't asked her to go with me last year. It just that she felt differently this year. Maybe she is bit more mature now. Whatever it is, I'm glad she want to go anyway.

And for those who have send me messages wishing Salam Ramadan, I thank you very much. My wish is that all of our good deeds will be accepted and be blessed by Allah S.W.T. This is also a month that we can changed for betterment. Ramadan is a month that we can do much more and much better that what we have done last year. Even a small change is better than none.

So to all, Salam Ramadan and Maaf Zahir Batin.

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farah rini said...

salam. seriously, i do not know where to begin. but let me just start by saying, well, we are actually in a way, sharing the same boat, we were both born in the 60's. babyboomers. i was wondering, whether you can help me track down a video clip of suhaili shamsudin who had also participated in that same contest your Almarhumah wife was in. she sang 'only onced' in it. that song unfortunately, had been 'haunting' my life till now. have yahooed and googled, but failed to locate it. i just want to know the real title of the song and who had written it (if getting the copy of the video clip prooved impossible). i will greatly appreciate your help. by the way, salam takziah dan semoga roh Allahyarhamah dicucuri rahmat dan dikumpulkan Allah bersama orang orang yang soleh dah solehah. Amin.