Sunday, August 16, 2009

Victory - Bond

Just came out from an Exciting Weekend Leadership Seminar. The speaker was Mats Holmberg, a dynamic, funny but very influential Diamond from Sweden.

One of the statement he mentioned is that we need to have our Diamond song that signifies our Freedom. And this song came into my mind. I knew the name is "Victory" but I didn't know which music group / orchestra it belongs too. I asked Ida was was seated next to me. She knew the song as well but couldn't recall band's same. Somehow she sms her daughter and in a few minutes she told me that it was a group called "Bond".

So when I got back home (while still excited about the motivational seminar), I google the name and here I got it. Wasn't the music awesome. I have searching it for sometimes now and here I got it.

So why not we appreciate this Freedom music of mine. And thanks to Ida for helping me out.

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