Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mother's Day


Mimi : Ayah, gambar mak ada tak?
Ayah : Ada. Mimi nak buat apa?

Mimi : Mimi nak buat card Happy Mother's Day.

Ayah : Pegi cari kat drawer dalam bilik bibik tu. Tengok dalam file tu mungkin ada.

So my little girl went to Bibik's room and brought back the white box file.
I tried looking for Ky's passport size photo but I couldn't find any. I've taken all the things in the file but yet I couldn't find the photo.

Ayah : Mimi tak de lah. Ayah ingat itu hari ayah ada letak kat sini.
Mimi : Ha... nanti Mimi carik kat atas.

So she went upstairs and happily brought one pic of her mom down and showed to me with grinning smile.

Suddenly what she was going to say really kills my heart.
Mimi : Ayah, nanti kalau Mimi dah buat Kad Mother's Day, Mimi nak bagi siapa ha? Mak dah takde.

And I nearly cried when I heard that. With tear starts rolling in my eyes but I tried to hide from her, I told her.
Ayah : Mimi bagi lah Anjang. Kan Anjang pun macam mak Mimi kan.
Mimi : Oklah.

I didn't talk much to her after that. Probably both of us understood that if we talked further about her mom, it will bring more hurts in our hearts.

I know Ky had gone for more than 4 months now and I could take it. But when Mimi said who she can give the Mother's Day card to, I suddenly felt pity for her . I pity her for not having a mother to wish happy mother's day to, as she usually did for years. She would be savings some money to buy something for her mother eventhough it was just a stalk of cheap plastic red rose she bought or a musical jewelery box she had been aiming for.

I don't know how many people would understand how a 11 year olds girl would feel loosing a mother a young tender age. When everyone can wish their mother "Happy Mother's Day" on 12 May, she would felt the lost when she couldn't find anyone that she can call Mak! Even I still has a mother who is now 83 years old and I could see her on Sunday to wish her Happy Mothers Day.

Probably I will take Mimi to her Mak's grave on Sunday so that she can wish her "Happy Mother's Day" and may her Mak rest in peace.


lilinbiru said...

boss...i think, u can always say to mimi that she can put the card at her grave. ( tapi anak saya ok laa..kecik lagi x bleh pikir logic lagi)..haha.and it does kill me when girls made statement like that.
i hope, she is strong to face her teenage life without her mother.

myheartbleeds said...

Tell your daughter that she still has a mother. Always will. Mommy is waiting to see her in heaven insya Allah.

Taking her to the grave on Sunday is a very good idea. Expressing thoughts is good. Talk to her often about her mother. Tell her that her mom thinks about her and prays for her often.

Insya Allah, everything will be ok. Allah is looking out for you guys.

Phlegmatic Melancholic said...

Lilin Biru & Myheartbleeds

Thanks for the thought. Yes I took my kids to their mom resting place on Mother's Day. It was really sad to see them at their mom resting place and I keep thinking that these 4 kids have to grow up without a mom - especially my 2 younger one. I always doa that Allah give me the will and courage to raise these kids on my own.