Friday, May 30, 2008

Mimi's 11th Birthday & Celebrating Mother's Day

My sisters and brothers have been planning this occassion. They had planned this for weeks. I was the silent partner as I was too busy and bogged down with work. On top of that, the Weekend Seminar falls on the same weekend.

So last Saturday, after all the tedious planning with a bit of kelam kabut, we managed to organise a "Baca Yassin, Celebration for May Birthday and Mother's Day". It's a three in one occasion so to say.

Venue : Banquet Hall Level 2, Bangunan Getah Asli,
Jalan Ampang (next to KLCC)

Date : 23 May 2008

Program : 12.30 pm - Baca Yassin & Zuhur

1.45 pm - May Birthday Celebration

2.00 pm - Mother's Day Celebration

2.30 pm - Presentation of :
Sajak , Slides, shows Songs
3.00 pm - Games

The beautiful banner that Jeman & Zie put up.

Since my brother Jeman who happen to be the PIC the banquet Hall at Bangunan Getah Asli, he had arranged this venue for us.

Mimi was excited since her birthday will be celebrated by her relatives from both sides of the family - that was what she always wanted and she had told me of that many times.

As food is concern, it was never a problem. As usual, each family member will bring one or two lauk. One thing about my family is that, whenever we have this kind of occasion, food will be abundance. The food provided is more than we could eat. I calculated that there were at least 15 lauk pauk or more than 10 kinds of deserts. How about that!!!!
I brought cream caramel as a desert and of course the birthday cake as well.

Ulam-ulam, kerabu mangga and Telur Asin
is always
my favourite. That's why I took this pic.

Ikan keli berlada, Masak lemak rebung, daging Kicap, Ayam Goreng, Pecal.. amongst the menu.. besssttttt...

The goodies for the kids and for the Mothers.

After the bacaan Yassin and Dzuhur prayers together, we proceed to the banquet hall for the celebration. Started with Doa by Pak Dak and the birthday cake cutting.

Syamsul, Mimi & Nazmi - May Birthday

The Birthday cake - dah kena potong.

Mimi with us.

After all the birthday guys had taken their photographs, we proceed with the Mother's Day celebrations. I got all the mothers to come forward and of course my 84 years old Mak is the guest of honour.

All mothers including my sisters and sisters in-law from both sides, some guests and also my bibik took pictures together. It was such a beautiful occasion to see them together. I guess this is the first time we celebrated them as mothers in one place.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers.

After the cake cutting and the "posing session" was over, it was time to eat since the time is already 2 p.m. The food were marvellously sedap. Of course I chose the lauk-lauk kampung my favourite instead of nasi beriyani. Too much food too eat with so many lauk and desert.

After all the makan-makan, we proceed with the rest of the program i.e. presentation by family members.

My sister invited a reporter from a new tabloid called Sinar Harian or something like that, to this occasion . Thus this guy interviewed my Mak - without her knowing what was it all about. Kesian Mak saya - rasa nya panic juga tapi dia buat cool aje.

Mak being interviewed by a reporter from Sinar Harian.
Ha..surat khabar apa? Tak pernah dengar lah..

My family with my 84 years old dearest Mak.

The presentation started with my eldest brother, Abang recited a poem/sajak. We were surpise that he knows how to read poem ... like a professional. My son, Angah accompanied him on guitar and the lights were dimmed to give some special effects.

Abang Amin @ Pak Long was the first one to read a Sajak for Mak.

Thereon, I showed a slides presentation specially prepared for the mothers. Next we have the boys (Aizat, Aqip & Nazar - all cousins) sang some songs. Thought it was not the best songs we heard but we applauded them anyway for being brave enough to perform.

After another 2 poems were read, I showed a slide presentation specially dedicated to my Sayang. Mimi did the announcement that she wanted to show everybody the slide presentation. I knew this would touched people's hearts and I want to dedicate it to my Sayang for being a special mother to my 4 children.

Mimi later on read a peom/sajak specially for her Mak. I knew some people had tears listening to her and so did I. It was such a emotionally sad moment. Mimi read it well and I guess she the best reciter amongst the rest. Did I told you that she was the only one who was chosen by her teacher to read a poem at school for the "Hari Sejarah". That's my girl...

Mimi read a Sajak for her Mak. Many were touched when she could read the poem emotionally for her Mak

I didn't know that there were singers amongst our guests. such as the one in picture below. Mimi insisted that she sang a song for her.

Mimi :"Ayah cepat yah. Dia orang nak nyanyi kan lagu untuk Mimi."
Me : "Ha.. siapa dia"
Mimi : "Dia orang tu kawan Uncle Nazmi. Dia orang tu penyanyi yah".
Me : "Mana awak tahu".
Mimi : "Iya yah. Mimi pernah tengok kat Televisyen"
Me: "Iya ke. Ayah mana tahu!!!!!"

Anyway she was really excited that the singer ( ha... siapa dia???) sang a song with her. Probably that was the best birthday present she got that day.

Mimi sang a song with a someone she said is a singer. I didn't know that but Mimi told me she saw her on TV or something.

After all the songs and presentation, Fifi & Azura organised some games. They continued to have funs there. It's was already about 3.30 p.m. and I got to leave for a Seminar. I left the kids and bibik there. Along can now drive the Avanza and he'll take them home.

Ok smile everybody. Your pic will be in the newspaper.

By the way, check out today's newpaper. I was told that our story came out. Ina sms me just now that it came out in the Sinar Harian newpaper. But never heard of this newspaper before.

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