Sunday, May 11, 2008

Syurga Di Bawah Tapak Kaki Ibu

My kids wishing her Mak Happy Mother's day by visiting
her resting place and recite
Al-Fatihah for her.
I believe reciting a verse of Al-Fatihah is more precious
than a million dollar for their Mak.

Remember 2 days ago when Mimi asked me who she should give the mother's day car to? And to remind her about her Mak, I made a point to take all my four kids to Ky's resting place which is just 2 minutes away from our house.

I had brought Acik & Mimi yesterday's evening to the grave, since we are on the way home from buying these 2 kids the books they wanted. And earlier today , all my sisters-in-law came to visit her grave. Abg Leman, Liza & her Aunt also came. Liza (Kak lllah's 2nd daughter) is leaving for Melbourne tonight with the rest of her family - after being her for about a month taking care of Kak Illah. Liza was in Melbourne when Ky passed away so she made a point to visit Ky's and Kak Illah's grave before she leave for Australia.

They scattered the colorful flower petals on Ky's grave ( that's why you see Ky's grave is so colorful).

While all kids were at the grave, I took the opportunity to tell them that if I'm not around anymore, I politely request them to visit me there like how I took them to visit their mom. Yeah who knows right. And for sure one day I will be there anyway. Maybe not at the same grave yard.

I specifically told Along, my eldest son, that if I'm not around anymore for whatever reason, he will be the head of the family - meaning that he should take the responsibility to take car of his other siblings and not forgetting to take his brothers and sister to visit his Mak's resting place.

I'm sure that my Sayang is the happiest person on earth oops underneath the earth.... when I took her kids to visit her during Mother's day especially with her kids reciting Al-Fatihah for her which I personally believe is most precious than a million dollars.

As I still remember she once said to me that there is only 3 things that she wanted to do/have:
1. To do Amal Jariah
2. To teach some knowledge/Ilmu to others so that it can be used and practiced by others.
3. Her children prayed/doa for her.
And I'm trying my level best so that our children will pray and doa for her.

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