Sunday, June 1, 2008

Save the Sumatran Rhino

I was reading the NST and saw an ads regarding Honda Malaysia & WWF Malaysia doing some roadshow on "Save The Sumatran Rhino" in Ikano Power Centre at The Curve. So I thought why I register Mimi for a coloring activity that they also organize for children.

So off we went to Ikano this afternoon for the fun of it. After all the boys were at the Motivation Camp in Hulu Langat - and that left me with Mimi. Mimi was also eager to go for it.

Mimi waiting patiently for the event to start.

The event started at 1.00 pm and more than 20 children participated. The organizer invited a special artist from Japan to teach the children how to do coloring using pastel chalk. It was quite interesting to see her showing the kids the technique that was quite easy but with beautiful result. All they have to do is just to use the pastel chalk on their drawing and by using one figure they rub the color and amazing result appears.

Miss Akiba showing some coloring technique.

Although Miss Akiba's English weren't easily understood by the children but luckily someone translated for her. It was fun for the kids to try on with the colors.

Mimi started her work after seeing the method shown by Miss Tamami Akiba.

Mimi chose pastel blue for a start and then added on some yellow and green. It's fun to her drawing using her little finger scratching the colors.

Mimi applying the technique Miss Akiba showed.

The outcome - using the impressive coloring technique.

Since this is not a coloring contest, everyone got some goodies from the sponsors. But more important Mimi enjoyed the fun and learned some new technique for drawing.

Goodies from the sponsor- Honda Malaysia & WWF Malaysia

Before we left, Mimi was honored to take a pic with Miss Akiba.

Mimi with Miss Tamima Akiba - the Japanese artist

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