Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

It's Father's Day today. Mimi had just given me her own custom-made father's card. She will the one who is thoughtful enough to do all this. Be it a Birthday, Mother's Day or whatever there is to celebrate. Probably she picked up from her Mak.

Her 3 abangs only signed on the folded A4 sized paper turned into a card.
Mimi wrote : Ayah Mimi sayang ayah.alau boleh Mimi nak ayah ngan Mimi je!!! Mimi nak ucapkan Happy Father's Day.
Along wrote : Happy Father's day ... Ayah buy Swift sebijik pun ok hehe.
Anggah wrote : Happy Father's day .... I love you!!
Acik wrote : Ayah Acik sayang ayah.

I appreciated what they had wrote for me. It's been 5 months that I have been a father taking care of them without their Mak around. So being a a father now gave a new / different meaning to me. Bigger responsibility, bigger role as a single parent.

The folded A4 paper turned into a Father's Day prepared by Mimi

Along, Angah and Acik just signed-off the card.

Earlier this afternoon, we celebrated Taha's birthday as well as Taha & Zalma's 12th wedding anniversary. We continued to celebrate Father's Day as well.

Zalma & Taha 12th wedding anniversary.

Happy Father's Day to Pak Dak, Pak Tam, Pak Long, Pak Teh, Uncle Taha and me.

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