Monday, June 2, 2008

Lunch at Vivo

Both of us were hungry after the coloring activities. So off we went to find some food at the Curve. Mimi knows Curve better than I do. So we went to search for a place to eat. Mimi suggested that we go for her favourite eating place i.e.1901 hot dogs. On the way there, we saw this place called the "Vivo" and suddenly Mimi changed her mind.

She told me that she had been there a couple of times before. I was quite surprise myself knowing that my daughter had been there and I haven't. Once with her Mak and the other time with Auntie Tihi.

Mimi got her deluxe pepperoni pizza.

I was hungry at that time and whatever she suggested I would go. So she ordered the deluxe pepperoni pizza and I ordered the chicken chop. She ordered juicy fresh drink and I ordered Surprise Splendour - both sound great drinks. Lepas tu Mimi tanya , "Ayah ni air apa ni yah?" Entah lah Mimi. Later I found out that her drink is a mix of watermelon + carrot + orange and mine a mixture of pineapple + orange + apple. Entah lah - minum je lah.

The food was not bad and the drink was ok as well -although we don't know what's the content.

After the lunch and before we left the Curve, there were some promotional thinggy about the Power Rangers. The children were invited to take photograph with one of the Rangers and Mimi willingly went on stage to take her pic.

We left the Curve slightly after 4pm and heading to Kg Tunku. Mimi wanted to send off my sister Kak Chik a.k.a. Mummy to the airport tonight. Kak Chik is flying off to Holland with Azura. Remember Emma - my niece who got married to Dennis the Dutch? Well she is expecting a baby in a week or two. So Kak Chik is excited to be with Emma and to welcome her first grandkid. And Mimi will send her off to KLIA tonight.

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