Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kung Fu Panda - Learn the Morale of the Story

I am not a fan of movie - what more if its a cartoon movie. Did I tell you that I fell asleep during my first movie date with Ky in Kalamazoo, Michigan - way back sometime in 1984. The movie "The Natural" and the actors if I still can remember was Robert Redford, Robert Duvall, Glen Close and a few more. It was supposed to a romantic movie but I fell asleep almost throughout the show. What a date? Anyway that is not what I'm going to write. It's about this cartoon movie showing right now at the theater near you - "The Kung fu Panda" hey promo nampak!!!

Anyway Acik was pestering me to go for a movie before the school opens on Monday. As I was never a fan of any movie nor have the patience to queue up for the tickets, I rejected his request. But then again, thinking that I need to be somewhere in TTDI for some Healthpointe program (I write about it later) about the same time after the movie ends, I thought why not I get them to see the movie anyway.

So yesterday I took him and Mimi to One Utama. I picked up Cik Hindun (Ky's sister) from Kota Damansara so that she can tag along. After about 30 mins queuing for the tickets, we got the 11.50am slot for the 4 of us.

What more important is that I didn't fell asleep. In fact I concentrated on the movies as I felt there were so many things to learn from that cartoon characters.

Anyway if you want to know about the plot, please read here.

Po (Panda) who knew he wanted to be somebody but didn't know how to.
But he preservere and became the Dragon Warrior.

But if you want to know what I've learned while watching the movie, please continue reading:

The Plot : Po the Panda knew he wanted to be somebody but he didn't know how to. But he went through the hardship anyway until he was chosen to be the Dragon Warrior.
The Morale of the Story : We may have want or dream something more out of our life but we are not sure of it. We must still continue to search for it and it will come to you one day if you really want it bad enough.

The Plot : Oogway the turtle (the old Master) said something like this : Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is mystery but today is the "Present".
The Morale of the Story : We shouldn't get bogged down with things that happened in our life before. And we don't know what will happen to us in the future. What more important is that we make best use of what we have today as if it a "present" for us.

Shifu and Oogway (the Old Master)

The Plot : When Po opened the Dragon scroll, he didn't find any secret writing in it but only the image of himself. The secret is actually NO SECRET. The secret is actually himself.
The Morale of the Story : Most often than not we try to find what is the best secret to be successful. Only to find out that the secret is actually ourself. If we want to be successful, it has to be us who want to be what we want to be!

The Plot : Initially Po looked down on Shifu (Small Red Panda) until Shifu tested Po and trained him how to be the Kung Fu warrior.
The Morale of the Story : We always look down on people who we thought are smaller than us, less intelligent than us, less educated than us, less qualified, etc. etc. But you know what, these people can be much better than us in many other way. Be humble and people will be willing to help us.

Shifu (The Master) trained Po (The Panda) by using Food as his carrot for training.

The Plot : Po was merely a noodle maker but he was determine to be someone else that he dreamed of. He searched for it and at the end he got what he wanted.
The Morale of the Story : We may have dream of things we want. A better life, a better home, a better person. Keep on dreaming but always have in mind that we must pursue it.

Conclusion :
  1. Have a Dream and identify what we want out of our life.
  2. Listen and Follow the right people who knew better than us.
  3. Preserver and endure the hardship before we get what we dream of.
  4. Never get distracted with your enemy but overcome your fear.
  5. And watch the Movie with an open-mind hehehe...


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