Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 1 - Destination Kangar & Padang Besar

I make sure the kids sleeps early because I planned to leave as early as possible with estimation time of arrival at 2.00 pm in Kangar - our first destination. We left home about 8.00 am. Brought some nasi lemak bungkus from Kak Leha and planned to have breakfast some where at the R&R.

I already told the kids to minimize bringing their belongings cos I like light traveling. But the kids each bring 2 bags each - don't know for what reasons.
After all the loading of bags and stuff in our Avanza, we hit the road happily ever after.

First stop is the R&R but unfortunately all the first three R&R were fully packed. Thus we had no choice to search for the next one. Fortunately somewhere at Tapah area the place was quite free and we ha
d our breakfast about 10.00am then. Then we hit the road again.

Except for a few stops to ease ourself, I drove straight to Kangar reaching about 2.15pm - hit our target to arrive on time. After checking in the small hotel, we went for lunch. Azlee told us to go to eat "Nasi Ganja" under the big tree near the Pasar in Kangar. We went but unfortunately most of the stall were closed except for one. Not much choice so we eat there.

Our first spot to visit in the iternary is Padang Besar. The kids were excited and don't know what to expect. I had not been to Padang Besar since my first trip there with the "Bas Rombongan Che Kiah" when I was then 6 or 7 years old with my mom. So going there with the kids was an experience.

Along read me the map and I drove all the way to Padang Besar. We reached there about 4.00pm. The place was filled up with people and parking space was scarce but we got one.

Once we got out of the cars, we roamed the stalls which were already full of people selling stuffs and people buying the stuffs as well. The kids got excited and we went through the stall one by one.

But one things for sure, the common stuff sold there were either foodstuff and fruits, tudungs & kain, jerseys and t-shirts and periuk belanga. Lots of Thai stuff sold here.

Lots if bakuls made from plastic being sold. Nice but sape nak pakai ha?

The kids were mostly excited to buy new sport jerseys and sport short except for Mimi. She looks forward to buy new T-shirts or other girls stuffs. Unfortunately not many she could find.

Acik trying to figure outr which T-shirt suits him.

Bibik wanted to buy a periok kukus. It can't be found in KL so I bought her one. The aim is to cook Nasi Lemak kukus in it. It not the ordinary periuk kukus bertingkat.

The kids resting for awhile after a long round of shopping at the Bazaar.

See Along carrying the periuk kukus back to the car.

Anyway after about 2 hours of shopping there, we decided to leave APdang Besar. maybe take some rest in the hotel before we go for dinner in Kuala Perlis.

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