Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Acik

Imagine this...... It was 12 December 1995.... Subang Jaya Medical Centre ...... The new wing which had just opened. In fact they used the private room with the Television as the the I was in the labour room with Ky. She had some labour pain since a couple of hours ago. It also coincide with the 1995 SEA Games. While waiting, I also watch the games. At times Ky scolded me for not concentrating on her but to the television. Anyway that was history.

Ky had the pain now and then. As I had promise her all the time, I will always be with her during her giving birth to all our child. A Promise is a Promise and no compromise on this. As we had usually kids with each other, we will share the joy and pain together as husband and wife. I was with her through all the hours when our first and second son came to see this world.

And now this is our third son coming. I told myself it's no problem. After all, Dr Haris, our Gynaecologist was there to assist Ky with both of our 2 sons already and he is here to help with our third one. If you know the position how a lady is in labour, I will be on the opposite site of the Doctor. I might be a strong person but when it come to blood ... hehehe no thanks. Siap pakai face mask lagi sebab tak tahan bau darah hehehe... So be in a position further from the Doctor but near to your wife is the best position while you pacify her.

"sabar lah sayang, sakit sikit aje... kejap lagi keluar lah baby tu"... my words of pacifing her. "You cakap senang lah, I yang sakit tau" All she could say. Hehehee.. what to do I just rub her face with moist towel and kiss her on the forehead. Itu lah nama dia .. senang sakit bersama hahaa.

Anyway at 10.51 am a small scream was heard from her spread legs. It's another boy. Our third boys in a row. And that was Mohamad Adib. Alhamdullilah. But within less then a second, I told myself I wanted the next one to be a girl to complete my family plannng mission. Well that another story.

By the way, when Adib came out, Dr Haris's face - macam tak ada emotion aje. I guess he had seen the women's private parts for years and had delivered thousands of baby. Muka dia macam buat dek aje.. when she start stiching whatever needed to be stiched. Tu lah dia nak jadi Doctor Pakar Sakit Puan sangat.... and that was history.

So today is Acik a.k.a Mohamad Adib's 13th birthday. I knew 12.12.2008 is his birthday but he purposely insert an alarm as a reminder in my Handphone to remind me his birthday again. And he also insisted me to buy him a handphone as a birthday present ..... mintak Sony Ericsson pulak tu. He knew what he wanted.

So to cut strory short, I told him that I will only get him a secondhand handphone and it should not be more than RM300. I know kids nowadays wanted all the sophisticated phone with camera lah, MP3 lah, games lah and all those stuff I never heard off. All I said a handphone should only for make calls and sms. After all we have a camera to take pictures and we don't usually use HP for it right. And you have MP3 to listen to music so why we need HP for? Well my reasons are not as strong as why he need it more. Anyway after weeks of pestering me I gave in.

We went to Plaza Idaman as Angah had suggested and I got him a second hand Sony Ericsson with Cybershot 2.0 megapixel with walkman that he wanted for RM350.00. Ok lah tu. Rather than being hasseled for the last 2 weeks for his HP, I think it's worth it.

Acik was overjoyed to get his Sony Ericsson HP. His dream for this year has come true. He got a new Hp for himself eventhough it's a second hand HP. And last night he was sleeping with joy with his HP.

Happy Birthday Acik Ayah will always love you. BTW bila Acik nak tinggi tinggi ni. Lambat sangat nak mimpi kot heheheee..

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en_me said...

hepi belated besday wat acik ittewww.. salammmz