Monday, December 29, 2008

Family Trip to Perlis and Kedah

I have been toying with this idea for quite sometime now. Angah had once complained that we had not been going for a distance holiday for so long. Since their mother passing, I had not taken them for a real holiday somewhere. So I though this school holidays will be a good idea for us to go.

I have taken the kids all around peninsular Malaysia except Kedah and Perlis. And I thought these two northern states would be a perfect place for the kids to see and to complete their "cuti-cuti Malaysia" throughout the Peninsular.

Being me, I like to get all things prepared : where to go, where to stay, where to eat, what to see, etc., etc.... I also called and get advise from some people who knew Perlis and Kedah very well. My good friend Azlee was my Travel Advisor. And all these helps in my travelling arrangements.

And this time around, I took Bibik along. We never took her along for any long family trip before. I guess this is a good break for her to come along.

I also put some rules to the kids:
1. This trip is meant to be enjoyed and no siblings quarreling in the car.
2. Everyone have to be positive. So don't complain on anything.
3. Unless we have been to that place ,we do not know whether it is good to go or not. So don't complain or wine when that place is horrible. In future we won't go there any more but for now just take it as an experience.
4. We are going for an exploration trip - we are not sure what to see or what to find. Just go for it.
5. The abangs have to jaga all the adiks. No doubt about it.

So here we go.......

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