Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 2 - Destination Wang Kelian

We woke up early as I have planned to be at Wang Kelian as early as possible. My travel Advisor, Azlee told me to be early or else we would have to park far away from the place. So after having breakfast somewhere in Beseri, we headed to Wang Kelian - which is the most northern part of Perlis. It's a border between Malaysia and Thailand.

The road leading to Wang Kelian is not bad. Both sides of the roads were either rubber plantations, kampung houses or just secondary jungles. The green scenery were breath taking. Azlee and Fiesol told me that earlier. Angah took some shots of the green scenery.

The road leading to to Wang Kelian
- it's a border between Malaysia and Thailand.

Going to Wang Kelian we have to drive up several hills and down the slopes. Believe me it was a nice drive up and down to Wang Kelian. From top of the hills we can even see the sea.

We reached Wang Kelian about 9.30am. Not many cars were there yet. As it is at the border between Malaysia and Thailand, we have to park our car at the Malaysian side and then we walk thru.

As a note, we had to take pictures at the border to signifies that we had been to Wan Kelian.

Welcome to Wang Kelian - Malaysia side.

The kids ready to roam the place and see if anything they could buy.

As I have been told before, stalls were both sides of the roads either on Malaysian side or Thailand side. It stretched about 1 km in both countries. To me Wang Kelian is like a Pasar Malam style like the one in KL.

Malaysia side of Wang Kelian.

Most of the stuff sold here are either food stuff like cashew nut, ikan bilis, t-shirts, toys, some souvenir and of course periuk belanga (Acik warned me not to buy any periuk anymore as it occupies his space in the Avanza).

To enter Thailand, we have to pass thru both the Malaysian and Thailand immigrations. For us Malaysia, we have to show our IC. Unfortunately for Bibik, she has to register her Indonesian passport at both immigrations. Luckily I told her to bring her passport. The kids were excited since they are now entering Thailand for the first time in their lifes.

Thailand side of Wang Kelian.

On the way back, we stopped at the Lookout Point. Climbed the slop and took some shots. It was really a nice scene from the top of the hill there.

Next destination after Wang Kelian is Gua Kelam. Azlee told me to go there and I wouldn't want to miss it.

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