Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Reminiscing the past with someone you love

Today is a public holiday and I took the kids to Ky's grave which is nearby our house.I don't know whether we could be considered lucky to have Ky's resting place which is so near to our home. Thus visiting her almost daily is not a problem. I took the opportunity to visit her at every chance I can grab. Even after work, if it's not raining and I came back early, I would pick up the kids available and went straight to the grave.

Ky had once told Ustazah Ida, which she informed us a day after Ky's passing, that she wants her children to read Yassin and Al Quran for her. She specifically told that she don't anybody to read Yassin or Tahlil at her grave. So we respect her will. Just sedekah Al Fatihah whenever we visited her. My children already knew that and they know what to do whenever I took them to see her mother. And today for the first time, I took Bibik along as she had never been to Ky's grave.

Every time I visited her grave, I felt empty inside me. I felt the loss more whenever I'm alone at her grave. It is difficult to explain to someone on how I felt. But I always remind myself to sedekah Al Fatihah for her whenever she came into my mind. Probably its not easy to just forget someone who have been with me for about 23 years. No it's not as easy as you might think. Her pictures are all over the house and in this computers. How could I forget as she is the mother of my 4 children. Her pictures with the children bring lots of memory to me. I will add her pictures later.

While I'm writing, the song "This one for you" by Barry Manilow is on. And this song so touching that I think I will download it and dedicated this song for Ky. Hey, I'm a sentimental person too ok.

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