Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thank You People

There are so many people that help me and arwah Ky when she was sick at home. There were too many people who came to visit her especially a week before she passed away. Allow me to pen down my heartfelt gratitude to these people - whom had made my difficulties lighter and whose visit had in one way or another gave some hope to us.

My sisters-in-law: Minah, Bi, Hindun, Ijah & Kak Imah. They practically have been camping in my house. They came in the morning and left late at night just to take care of their little sister, Ky. I'm blessed to have sisters-in-law like them who always been there even when I wasn't around to take care of Ky. They practically leave their family for a while to be around us. My brothers-in-law: Long and Abg Ad were there too almost everyday.

My brothers-out-law: Uncle Joe, Abg Leman, Abg Kahar who actually been there almost a week in my house - taking care of the grocery and being the host when I was too tired to layan all of them. My gratitude to Uncle Joe who made the funeral arrangement without hitch. And also those who went to the police station to report the death and got the burial permit.
And to Amir who works in Kerteh but managed to be with us whenever he can. My sister-out-law : Kak Illah and Kak Long. Kak Long especially were there reading Yassin almost every other hour and be a Ky bedside. Kak Illah - she's also not well having cancer herself, but brave enough to be with us.
Note: I quote them as brothers and sisters-out-law (and we always agreed on this term). They are actually my "biras". So out-law is a better choice of word!

To all my sisters and brothers - who have understood my predicaments and treating Ky well. During Ky's illness it happened that one of my sister were hospitalised and they took turn to take care of my sister. To my mom who would always asked for Ky's wellbeing whenever I visited her. To her, Ky is her best daughter-in-law.

Dr. Felicia and Registered Nurse Faezah
from Hospis Malaysia. Faezah especially would visit Ky regularly passed few months. They are specialised in palliative care - caring for terminally ill patients. They knew what the best medicines to prescribe Ky - including Morphine as pain killer. To me Dr. Felicia, besides being a doctor, she also knows how to counsel and talk nicely to patients and care-takers. (unfortunately there are Oncologist in the Govt. hospital, that I really believe need to take courses on how to deal/counsel with sick people - well that's another story). Faezah - I really respect her for her job. She'll be in our house -just a phone call away - eventhough she was on leave.

Ayu (Edayu) - to me she is an amazing girl. She knew how to take care of Ky. She had experience taking care of her mother who died of cancer as well. She even took care of her close friend also died of cancer (her friend was diagnosed of cancer while she was pregnant). Ayu too care of them althought she has work to go to. Ayu practically be with us whenever she can. She slept at my house (even on the floor) to take care of Ky. She knew how to give morphine injection when I, myself was a bit scared to do it. She changed and cleaned up Ky.
She's so soft spoken and handle Ky so nicely.She reads Yassin when ever she can. My sisters-in-law by then had accepted her as one of our family members. I do not know how to repay her for what she has done for us. Only Allah know how to repay her kindness.

Rohana Mohktar- another lady that I can't repay her kindness. We knew her thru' our business. She also goes to Kelas Tafsir Quran and Mengaji with Ky. I know she always kept in touch with Ky especially when she knows Ky need someone to talk too. Rohana was there whenever she can leaving her husband and kids sometimes to be at my house - to read Yassin and pray for her. In one night, she reads Quran until 2.00 am in the morning. I was later infomred that she reads the Quran till 2.00 am because she can't be with us the next day due to some comittment. What a reason - I was astounded when I heard it.

Zul & Fathiah - we knew this couple more than 20 years. They are our upline diamonds in the business. Peter & Petulia - our downline Founders Platinum. They are practically like our own family. They were there almost everyday. Came in the morning and only leave past mid-nights. Always there asking me what they can do to help out. I later found out that they are they people who send messages to the rest of our uplines, downlines and crosslines - on Ky's situation. That's why I received hundreds of sms from everywhere.

Besides these close relatives and friends, there are people who were people including those friends from Ky's primary school, secondary school, our college mates in the Western Michigan University, Ky's military colleague, people from Damansara Specialist Hospital (where Ky used to work there for awhile), her kelas mengaji friends, our networkers friends and many more people who knew us.

My special gratitudes to:

Lt Kol Sabrina & Kol Hud (Nurulhuda) - they were Ky's close friends in the military. By the way, Ky is the first Pyschologist in the Malaysian army. Something that I'm proud of. She was the only Malaysian lady officer
sent to Somalia during the war many years back. Thru' Lt Kol Sabrina & Kol Hud, many more army officers from Captain to the Generals (including the 1st Lady General) and even the Panglima Tentera Darat came to visit her. There are also army officers who doesn't know Ky personally but came because they had heard so much of Ky's contribution to the army. I was amazed and touched by their attendance. Later I that Ky had somehow had touched their hearts.

These army officers told me that should I need anything, just them know and they will come to assist us in the funeral arrangement. I reluctantly decline their offer because I felt that we could use our Surau's funeral arrangement. Afterall, we are in their Kariah.

My gratitude to DYTM Tengku Puan Pahang, Tengku Azizah Maimunah Sultan Iskandar, who came to visit Ky despite of her schedule. She was from Kuantan, Pahang on the way to the airport to Bangkok. She brought her 4 childrens together to visit Ky. She even had the time to read the Yassin for her. Of course she came with her entourage of out riders. She left after about half-an-hour with Ky. For that I respected her. She used to go to school together with Ky in SIGS Johore Bahru. The last time she saw her was at her wedding with Tengku Mahkota Pahang many years back but she still remembers Ky well.

Ezzah Aziz Fawzy of TV3 (Ky's school friend in SIGS) is also our long time friend. She was at our house as well. Ezzah was at our house to help receive Tengku Puan Pahang as she too knew her.

Not forgetting our neighbours especially Yuhanis & Zarina, Hamzah & Nora, Pak Abu & Kak Idah and many other whom I can't remember their names. I was surprise by their help and ever willing to help-attitude. All this while, it was just a "Hi" and "Apa khabar?" cliche whenever we meet while we were passing thru the street. But during that time, these are the people who arrange for the baca yassin with the people from the surau. They cooked for us and even arrange the meals at their respective houses. I'm blesse to be in this neighbourhood.

There are many countless other people who had been there for me and my family during our bereavement. Only Allah knows how to repay their kindness to me.

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