Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bakat TV 1972

If you were born before 1960 and were teenagers during the 70's, you would have remember a popular RTM TV program the "Bakat TV". It was one of the talent time competition program that Malaysian showing off their talents in singing, playing musical instruments, magic shows and even comedy. Those were the days when the TV were still black and white. The shows were considered something like the current One In A Million but the prizes were much much lesser then.

Now why am I talking about this Bakat TV 1972? Because this a program very special for me. I was 12 years old then (now you know my age hehehe) and I try not to miss the show which was one of the hottest show during that era. Our family would gather in front of the TV to watch this show every week. If you were born in the 70's or 80's too bad you miss one of the greatest show by RTM back then. Probably you may want to ask you mom or dad if they still remember this show.

If you were old enough to remember then, let me try to recollect your memory. There was this little girl from Johore Bahru who won many people's heart when she sang songs like Mama, Bee Gee's First of May, Searching, etc. She even entered the Final. Mind you, entering the Final were a Big event then and you know what, this little girl grew up not becoming a singer but an Army Officer and later then married me hahaha..How's that! Surprise, surprise .... She was Rokiah Mohamed aka Kiky aka my late wife.

A couple of days ago, I suddenly thought of Ky in that Bakat TV. I had also told Mimi that her Mak use to enter a talentime contest show something like the
older version of Akademi Fantasia or One in a Million. Thus I googled in the net and got to know someone who has some antique video clips of the show. We then communicated and he is kind enough to find the video and put it in his blog.

My heartfelt gratitude and thanks to Abang Jebat for finding the video clip for me. My children have not seen this yet while I'm writing but I'm sure they will be thrilled to see their Mak in mini skirt and stockings singing on stage at age of 12. Probably tonight we watch it together.

Here's the video clip for you to enjoy and remind you of your past.



HDbuf said...

Belated condolence on your wife's passing away. I wanted to e-mail you personally regarding this and other matters but I could not because there is no contact info (e-mail address) on your blog site. Even to post this comment I had to create a login account. I hate doing this since I need it only once. I'm sure many others who may want to contact you are on the same boat but decided to avoid the hassle. Contact me using this fictious/temporary account at: johngates11(di)
Replace (di) with the standard symbol. The posted video brought back instant memory like as if I saw it a few months ago. The fact is that I only saw it once live in 1972. I was only a kid then. I remember every detail of it. The song, the lyrics, the dress, the orchestra, the kid. It was as if I was transported back in time. Truly amazing.

saadah said...

I attended convent sentul just when arwah left after her LCE. during our 50th anniversary last year, all her friends remembered her and were reminiscing about her. but i remembered her singing Dreaming (if I am not mistaken).

This is just to let you know, she always lives in her friends memories. And we would always offer Al-fatihah for her.