Friday, January 18, 2008

So what's your plan now?

Somebody asked me, what is my plan now? I reply with sacastic tone , "what plan?". "Ya lah Ky kan dah takde.". Well I have anticipate this sort of question will be asked and I'm prepared to give an answer.

"I will take care of my children on my own. I will now be their father and mother. Insyaallah with the helps of you guys, I can do it." I guess that answer will terminate any other further questions they have in mind.

Hmm.. to think of it, yes I will take care of my own children. Why should other people do it for me? I'm lucky to have the same Bibik for the last 16 years and she too can assist me taking care of my kids. Afterall she was the one who took care of them since they were born and was around to nurse them when both of us were working. I'm grateful that she is still with us seeing my kids from birth to teenager now.

The kids too have to adapt to this new environment without their mom. Ky used to bable a lot when the kids did what is not supposed to be done or didn't do what they are suppose to do - out of mothers love. She told the kids that "Mak buat ni sebab mak sayang kat awak semua". "Kalau mak tak sayang, mak buat tak tau aje". Being kids, opinion of parents don't really gets into their heads.

Now with mom not around, it left me to deal with them. Now I told them that there are big enough to think what is good and what is bad for them. They will have to face the consequences should they decide to do the wrong thing. And I will not help them if they get into trouble. (Cakap aje kan, tapi bila dah terjadi, kita lah orang pertama yang kena tolong dia orang. Kalau tidak sape lagi kan.)

So for now, you won't see any female character in my life except for my sisters, my sisters in law and probably my already good friends whom we have befriends while Ky was still around. Banyak lagi perkara nak difikirkan and getting another female character is not my priority right now.

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