Wednesday, February 13, 2008

As Time Goes By - add another year to the age.

How do you feel when it's your birthday today? I have a mixed feeling. Yes today I'm 48 years old.

Some people wish me luck and some people wish me long live. My niece Emma from Holland said that I've got 2 more years before turning 50 and I've 2 more years to enjoy. Hey .. hey .. as if after 50 I got no more life to live.

Well some says it's just a number. Yeah when you are 25 you can say that. But when your age is double than them, then it makes you think. Alamak I'm so old huh!

Some says that it is what in your mind? If you think you are young, then you'll be young. If you think you are old, then you'll be old. I tried that. I was always thinking that I'm still young. But then again, when I had in many occasion having joint pain (where most old people do), I think am I that young?

My hair is almost all white - so who can I convince that I'm still young. But I always joke with them, "I'm not old, I just dyed my hair white!". That's gave a few sarcastic smile to some people.

With my kids growing up in sizes and in height, doesn't that me feel that I'm older. Along for instance, is much taller than me now. Angah's size is as big as I am or if not bigger. Except for Acik (bila lah nak tinggi Acik ni - dia belum mimpi lagi kot!!), Mimi had grown as tall as Acik now. And in no time, she'll gets her period. So what that signifies???

Yeah 48 is a good number. But when you are now single (cewah tengah single lagi), probably your market value is not as high as when you were 25! Yeah you might said that "age is like wine. the more older it gets, the better you'll be". But then again I don't take wine. Doesn't wine taste sour. So I don't want to taste sour when I get older. Cheh!

When you gets above 45, you don't want people to remind you, do you? Yeah people wishes you all the best lah, good health lah, may God bless you lah, many happy returns lah, etc. But actually why? Because when you age digit is changing faster than the speed of light, you need to have all that. You need all the luck you can, you need a better health when you walk slower than before and sexually you need many more happy returns hehehee.

Well I'll always think like this.. take one thing at a time. Take one day at a time.

I've read somewhere a joke when can you signifies that you are getting older:
  1. when you find out that you have lesser hair on your head but more hair on your back and in your ears.
  2. when you heart want to have sex but you organ can't do that hehehee.
  3. when it takes more time for you to climb the stairs than you usually do (and it's the same stairs) and you are gasping for more oxygen.
  4. when the sales girl at the counter address you as "Pakcik" instead of Abang. oh I miss that already. worst still they call you "Atok". that kills man.
  5. when suddenly your nieces and nephews who got married and have many childrens and they call you "Atok".
  6. when you drive slower than the traffic flow and worst still they honk you for being slow.
  7. you in a company of old people and suddenly you talk like them already. and you having so much fun with them. alamak.
  8. your kids try to go to the shopping mall on their own instead of you accompanying them.
  9. your kids talks language that you don't understand. and it's the same malay language that you speak. and they make fun of you as well. aduih!
I think there are more but then again I don't want to feel old. I feel like I'm 25 macam dulu dulu lagi. Lagi pun saham kena lah jaga sebab masih single kan cheh!


deOughtred said...

slmt panjang umur, azam!

Zalina said...

Last night, our family had a surprise birthday party for Jemie aka azam. Unfortunately some of us could not turn up due to other matters. Sorrylah, Bro. However as a family members (no matter where we are now) we still wish you 'Selamat Panjang Umur dan Semoga Rezeki Selalu Murah'. The most important things is 'WE ALL LOVE YOU JEMIE'

From : Ina, Nazmi, Naza, Hidayat & Nique

Phlegmatic Melancholic said...


Thank you Bro'. Selamat semua nya.


Thanks for the wishes. I love you all too.

petite n powerful said...

Hi. Came across your blog as i was aimlessly going from blog link to another. Happy belated b'day, and may the value of your stocks in this ever so competitive market stay afloat. I am sure you will do fine, as you have extra quality material that are not frequently found in the common stock exchange.
And you also have a wonderful dynamic family!

Phlegmatic Melancholic said...


Thanks for praises. Well all I can say is that in the "stock exchange" people will value our share market. But more importantly I know what is my "worth value". Keep on reading Petite.