Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mimi nak Mak!!!!

Mimi & and her late Mak - Hari Raya 2005

Imagine this. You are sitting on a nice comfortable sofa watching your TV program. You just had some nice breakfast. The sliding door and the main door was open and it was windy and the wind blew nicely inside the house and that gave you more comfort not to move anywhere but lie down in the comfort of cushy sofa in front of the TV.

Then suddenly you heard you daughter calling you, "Ayah, tolong lah Mimi cepat." That was Mimi calling me to get my help to get all her clothing and bag ready. She wanted to follow my sister, Kak Chik or whom she called Mummy, to Bentong for a 2 nights stay with them. Her husband, Abg Zali had a Rotarian seminar there and Kak Chik offered to take her there. It's ok with me if Mimi herself wants to go with them. At least she won't be bored at home during this long CNY holidays.

I have asked her to get prepared the night earlier. But as usual she is the type delay daily type and when I want to help her she won't be interested. Instead she would tell me.. Kejap lah Ayah. Nanti dulu Ayah... and so on.

Every morning when I wake up her up for school, she would always asked for another 5 mins. of sleep... showing her 5 fingers with eyes closed. Again after 5 mins when I wake her up again, she would show her 3 figures now, i.e meaning she need 3 more mins. And after the 3 mins, she will show her one finger asking for 1 more minute. Tak ke fed-up tu.

So konon-konon nya I want to teach her a lesson today because it's so sickening to get her waking up early in the morning and me waiting for her every day.

So when she asked for my help today, I just showed her my 5 fingers with my eyes closed, meaning I need 5 minutes. When she asked again, I showed her my 3 fingers with my eyes closed as well. She started to get irritated by now. After few minutes, she asked me again. "Ayah cepat lah Ayah. Susun lah baju Mimi. Mana beg Mimi?. I calmly showed my 1 minute sign. And this is where her breaking point is.

She cried and screamed "Mimi nak Emak! Huhuhuuuuu...Mimi nak Mak!!! huhuhuuuu...Mimi nak Mak! She cried out so loud that even Bibik outside the kitchen had heard her. She rolled and rolled over on the carpet screaming for her mother.

And that's where my soft spot is. When I heard she wants her Mak back.. I felt so pity and my caring for her suddenly upsurge to the maximum level. Kesian anak aku sorang ni.

"Ok, ok jom Ayah carik kan baju awak. Jangan nak nangis lagi." With her teary eyes she then followed me upstairs and me ready to pack her things for her.

It has just been a month and Mimi wanted her Mak back. Aduihhhh.. macam mana lah ni?

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