Sunday, February 24, 2008

Project Potted Flowers

As I had promised myself, I wanted to plant the potted chrysanthemums at Ky's resting place. So early in the morning about 8.30 am I went there alone. I wanted the kids to come along but as usual weekends are for them to sleep in. So I don't want to disturb their sleep.

By the time I arrive the grave yard, there were about 4 cars and a couple of motorbikes there already. Most of them are family members reading Yassin or prayers for their loves ones.

As for me, I am armed with a small spade to dig some earth and 2 bottles of water to water the flowers. Since it's just some digging up to do, I did it in a jiffy. The flowers look fresh in the early morning.

While I was doing this, a man came to visit a grave next to Ky but on the other side of the lane which divides them. I nodded to him as a gesture to say Hi. All the while when I digging the hole and weeding, I was reciting Al Fatihah for Ky. So I couldn't I say Salam or talk to him.

When there was a chance, we talk to each other. I got to know that she is visit her wife's resting place. We chatted further and I also got to know that her wife passed away about a year ago due to liver cancer. Oh there's something common between us. Her wife died due to liver at age of 50 and Ky died of similar cause at age of 47.

I left the grave yard past 9.00 am and went to a mamak stall to buy roti canai for breakfast for the kids.

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