Saturday, February 23, 2008

Those were the school days

I was reading my email while listening to the music. Then this song by Santana and Mana came out. Wah dah lama tak dengar Santana main his guitar. Santana was one of my favourite guitarist. Ya lah I was raised up during that music era. The era of Santana, Beatles, Scorpion, Deep Purple and many more.

In fact I remember when I was in SMS Selangor was back in 1972 till 1977, every time there is a school concert, our band boys will play the Santana songs. Besides that other favourite song that were played include Black Magic Women, Soldiers of Fortune, Hotel California, etc.

I clearly remember hanging around in the room where the band boys practicing these songs - since I don't play anything, so lepaking with them lah. I also remembered where the boys taught the girls to rehearse playing the guitar and the drum as well. That was the first Girls band ever in that school. Sekarang semua dah jadi makcik-makcik dah. Imagine the makcik-makcik plays guitars and drum???

School days are always the best era in someones life. Growing up living in hostel brings lots of memories. My blogger's friend BroLans will agree with me on that. Banyak kisah-kisah zaman silam terlipat dalam sejarah kehidupan masing-masing. It's a memorable part of my life.

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Brother Lans said...

Dearest Bro Zam,aslkum...Hahaha,of course.Tahu tak apabila I hantar anak I pergi balik hostel sekolah TIKL sebelah tu, I akan jeling2 hostel, Padang Wembley kat sebelah tu...kenangan2...Nevertheless Zam, I 'dare' not post any of our old photos in my blog just for memories sake,haha! (Please be a good friend will you & not post any of our old photos hehe) Anyway, hopefully, I'd like my kids to go thru all the colours of hostel life, most prob better than ours,huh? Wsalam :-) p/s Ada kawan2 kita yg hantar anak sekolah TI tau...hari tu terserempak :-)