Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cancer Recurrence

I was looking for something the other day when I found this print out of articles on Cancer. In fact I was the one who printed them for Ky to read. Specifically it's about Cancer Recurrence. I remember that I google about cancer when Ky had recurrence about one year plus ago. So I taught it might be a good use for Ky and me to read because both of us believe that the more information we know about cancer, the more we can get prepare for it.

When I read the article again, I realized that what the writer had written in his article is very similar what Ky had gone through. And I very glad that I had given these useful information to Ky because I believe that she is more prepared for it and had made certain decision by reading it.

One of the topic was : Should I stop life-prolonging treatment? He gave some example of people's personal story and their decision whether to prolong the treatment.

In one section there is a topic on :Pain Management - What is Cancer Pain? How cancer pain is treated? When I read that I realized that Ky had experience the same thing. I remember how the Hospis nurse had given Ky the same treatment like what the article mentioned. The morphine and other pain killer were given to her just to make her more comfortable.

I guess after she read this article, Ky had decided to have a quality life rather than to prolong the treatment. Maybe she knows that the chances of her being treated is very slim especially when the cancer cells had invaded her liver. So rather than going thru' the pain of chemotherapy again, she had chosen to prepare herself to meet the Mighty Allah. And Insyaallah she had prepared herself very well.

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