Friday, February 8, 2008

Kaya vs Miskin

I met Kak Yati, an acquaintance at Fathiah's house the other day. We didn't meet and had the chance to chat since Ky's passing. So once we got the chance she asked me about my kids as she is so concern about them i.e. about my children losing their mother at very young age. I told her that the kids are ok and so am I.

And we were talking about so many people came to see Ky when she was sick and even after her passing. What really triggered my mind when she said that "Ky kaya masa nak pergi". I didn't catch what she meant. Then she explain in detail. She mentioned that when Ky passed away, so many people were at the surau and "sembahyang jenazah" for her. And that was Kak Yati's first time ever sembahyang jenazah. Eventhough she had never done it before, she just followed the rest of the jemaah as she was told.

She observed Ky's face was so calm and sweet and also kissed her as well. Very unusual for someone who is just an acquaintance but to kiss a jenazah.

She continued that a friend of hers, a Chinese mualaf also died of cancer but not even her estranged husband knows and care about her death. Only few people attended the funeral.

And that was Kak Yati's observation and interpretation of "Kaya and Miskin". And now I understood what she meant.

I continued saying that maybe Ky has prepared herself to meet the Creator. I told her that during the Ramadan month she never failed to go to Sembahyang Terawih . And even without me (for 2 weeks when I had a minor operation), she would get my son to go to the Surau with her. Besides that at most night, she would wake up and do her Sembahyang Tahjud. Sembahyang Taubat, etc. I remember she telling me that she had Khatam Quran during the fasting month. Alhamdulillah she managed to do that despite her illness.

I told Kak Yati that mungkin rezeki Ky yang dia pergi tanpa banyak menyusahkan orang. She was practically bed ridden for only one week and not for months like some other people. And on top of that all my kids and I was with her
when she passed away. Even all her sisters was there witnessing her last breath. But to me, the most important thing was that she recite "Allah...Allah...Allah...." until her very last breath. I know she died as true Muslim and only Allah will bestow what is best for a person like her. Al Fatihah for Ky.

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