Monday, February 4, 2008

My Life Have To Go On


I was on the way back home from work and suddenly thought of visiting my beloved one at her resting place. Called up Mimi before reaching home and prompting her to get ready to visit her mom.

Just as I got home, Mimi was ready in her tudung and bottle of "air Yassin" and got into the car. It was 6.45 pm, the weather was cloudy and just nice for us to spend 10 good minutes at the grave. Ky ada wasiat. Dia taknak orang baca Yassin atau Tahlil kat kubur dia. So we just sedekah Al Fathihah for her.

Had a short stop at the Pasar Malam before heading home. Mimi did mentioned that Ika (her cousin) told her that another cousin (Kak Fifi) wanted to take them for a movie on Saturday and sleep over at my sister's house in Kg Tunku. I have no objection to that as long as she can spent sometimes with other girls.


As usual, my day start with doing some marketing for the week at Selayang market. Ikan dan sayur dah habis so it's about time to replenish the stock in the kitchen especially with the upcoming Chinese New Year - lagi kedai & pasar tak ramai orang berniaga.

Today there's also a wedding invitation by my cousin - her daughter is getting married. Since she had called me personally, I couldn't say no and it's best that I attend the wedding.

So with no spouse as yet, I called my sister to go along with me. After all, her husband is working this Saturday in Bangi and her children followed Fifi for a movie and they'll sleep over there. I got Achik & Along to go along with me. Angah, as usual malas nak pergi Kenduri kahwin ni.

So we got our way to somewhere in Bandar Sg Long. Luckily there was a map to direct us there. Kalau tidak sesat barat jugak especially with the new roads and highways.

Met my aunties and cousins. Of course the first thing they would ask "Awak apa khabar? Anak2 macamana?" And some of them were dissapointed not knowing of Ky's passing, and they got to know only a few days or a week later. My standard answer is "Ma'af lah, tak sempat nak bagi tau. Lagi pun tengah kelam kabut hari tu". Dalam hati aku, lah... kalau aku beritau pun, korang datang ke???? Anyway I'm not a cruel or rude person ok.

On the way home, we decided to drop by at the General Hospital to visit Kak Ngah, who had an operation - taking out the metal rod at her hip joint as it is now becoming infection. Kesian dia. She told me that she has to be in the hospital for 6 weeks to recover.

Malam Saturday, I decided to take my boys (Mimi is with her cousin) to Alpha Angle. Angah wants to buy a new pair of badminton shoes. He is now into Badminton and hoping that he is selected for the school team. So it was the men night out. They boys wanted McDonald and I let them have what they wanted to eat. Yeah men's night out at McDonald.... how adults are we?


As usual waited for the chinaman to send newspaper. He was slightly late than usual due to the early morning rain. Acik wanted to photocopy his school book and I took him to a stationery shop. Bought plastic cover for him and Mimi for their school text book. Their teachers had advised them to cover these "buku pinjaman".

By 11.30am, I headed for Shah Alam at Zul & Fathiah's house for some Vietnamese friends farewell party. Many were there. Met Diana, who requested me to compile Ky's pictures for a tribute for her during a Ladies Meeting coming up this middle of the month. Roshni was there too. Officially the party ends by 3pm but was there till 6pm catching times with the rest of the friends.

Arrive home slightly after 7pm. Mimi only got back after Maghrib. Get her homework done before call the day off.

Well I think I'm coming back to my normal daily life. Things have been coming back to me slowly but surely. My Life have to go on despite someone missing from my life.

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