Saturday, February 23, 2008

A bouquet for my love one

I have been wanting to buy some flowers to put in Ky's resting place for sometimes now. The last time I bought some flowers and placed in a plastic bottle didn't last long. The most was slightly more than a week.

I bought 8 stalks of chrysanthemum near the Batu Caves Temple (hey that's the nearest florist that I can get to) cost me RM12.00.

So I thought why not I buy a potted flower and it will last longer and probably cheaper as well.

The last few weeks I was so busy that I don't have the time to search for it in Sungai Buloh. And I have dragging about it until today.

I told my self that if not today, I will never have the time to go to Sg. Buloh. So this afternoon, I drove alone to Sg. Buloh to look for it. I wanted to get Mimi to tag along but she prefers to stay at home.

The trip to Sg. Buloh took about 20 mins. and since I have been there few times before I didn't find difficulty to find the place.

There were rows of nursery selling all kinds of flowers but my first aim was to get either
chrysanthemum or other roses.

But looking at the various kinds of flowers, I got over excited and bought not only chrysanthemum but 5 other kinds which I didn't know the name including a type of fern.

Now why did I buy more than what I'm supposed to buy? The answer is very simple. It's damn cheap and looks good to me. All the potted flowers I bought for RM5.00 each. And the smaller ones was 4 for RM10.00.

Somehow or rather I was attracted to the purple flower. Well I don't know the names but it looks like lavender to me. But who cares. It looks good to me.

Then later I saw these white and red flower which were also sold 4 for RM10.00. So without hesitation I bought 4 of those.

Of course not forgetting the dirt and rectangular pot for me to transfer those flowers into.

They all look good to me and I'm very satisfied with my choice.. chewah! I don't know how long will these flowers last but I don't care as long as it look good to me, that's all matter.

I hope you guys like it too. My next project is to plant one of the chrysanthemum at Ky's resting place tomorrow.


lilinbiru said...

ni bukan setakat bleh tanam kat kubur..boleh bukak nursery sendiri dah ni!!haha

Phlegmatic Melancholic said...

lilin biru

mula-mula memang niat nak beli satu je, tapi bila tengok banyak bunga-bunga yang cantik, terus lah beli yang lain. Tapi tak lah banyak nak bukak nursery sis woi.

Tapi bunga-bunga jenis ni tak tahan lama. Kalau tak jaga betul, kering lah jawab nya.

lilinbiru said...

mm..boleh tolong pi tanam kat tangkak skali.x penah balik tgk kubur ever since..