Friday, February 29, 2008

Yassin Untuk Sayang

We have been planning to have a Kenduri Arwah and Majlis Baca Yassin. So my sis-in-law suggested to have it on 1 March which coincide with "Hari Hol" (death anniverssary) for my mom-in-law as well. I was against it as my Sayang had mentioned to me before if we want to do it, it should not coincide because it 40 days lah, 100 days lah and what not. That's bidaah. But I agree to have the Majlis Baca Yassin not because of how many days she had passed away but rather just a majlis to sedekah the bacaan Yassin for her. That's all.

So I called Hj Bakri, the Imam of our surau, he suggested to have it on Thursday night this week as the jemaah they read yassin every Thursday after Magrhib prayers. Thus we decided to do it at the Surau as suggested by him. 1. It's easier and more jemaah will be there. 2. The Surau can fit it more people (and usually house can't accommodate big group) 3. the jemaah don't have to walk to our house. Hj Bakri also suggested to have packed food because it's easier and the jemaah can either eat there or take it home. Simple as that.

Ijah and Bi had made arrangement with Kak Limah for the packed food - nasi beriani & ayam beriani. Kak Limah throw in some kuih Koci as well. Uncle Joe (bro-out-law) bought bottle mineral water. I was told by Hj Bakri to prepare for 80 pax - 60 for men and 20 for women.

So last night was the night. We went there early about 7pm so that we can prepare the packed food. We ordered about 120 pax just in case. You never know who would come that night.

When people start to come for Magrhib prayers, I counted roughly that it can be more than 150 people. There were also about 15 children. Along and Angah also invited his friends to come. So there you go - another 20 came. One thing good about the boys is that, when you invite them to eat, they will usually come.

And roughly with about 7 rows (saf), each with 17 men in a row as I calculated, my first thinking was .... alamak makanan tak cukup ni. My concentration was a bit disturb because we had prepared the food less than the attendance.

Anyway, Hj Bakri headed the bacaan Yassin and he mentioned my Sayang's name. Actually I had included other Arwah's name as well and also I told Hj Bakri to read doa for those people who have health challenges. After the Bacaan Yassin, it was about time for the Isyak prayers and we continue to pray.

Immediately after the prayers, the kids especially, rushed for the packed food which was already arrange on a table. In no time the food had finished. I was speechless. What else can I do? I felt a bit awkward because some men didn't get the food. Luckily for the women, everyone got their share.

I went to Hj Bakri to apologise as there was not enough food for everybody. In fact I told him that I have ordered for 100 pax just in case if there are more people. Obviously there were more than that. Hj Bakri told me not to worry as there were case whereby there was more food than the people.

Alhamdulillah the majlis was over by 9.30pm. We got back home and my sis-bro-in-laws and out-laws adjourned to my house for us to eat. We then continue to have a meeting about another nephew's wedding - alamak ada wedding lagi.

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