Friday, February 15, 2008

Surprise ... Surprise

I was so busy yesterday that I couldn't blog much. Dari pagi sampai lah ke petang tak sempat nak relax sikit. Meeting lah, presentation lah...

Wednesday 13 February 2007

Mimi called me using her Mak's handphone. "Ayah bila nak balik ni? Cepat lah sikit". I answered back; "eh.. kan Ayah cakap malam ni Ayah ada Business Preview. Ayah balik pukul 11.00 malam tau. Awak jangan tunggu ayah. Awak tidur dulu ok". That's was at 7.00 pm.

At about 10.30 pm, Acik pulak call. "Ayah bila nak balik ni?" Me without thinking, I said; " Mengapa? Awak takut tidur sorang ya? Awak ajak lah Mimi tidur dulu kalau awak takut tidur sorang."

Then at 10.45 pm, another call from home. "Ayah, ayah kat mana ni ayah?" Acik again called. " Ayah tengah driving nak balik ni lah! Awak tidur lah dulu." I answered. "Cepat lah sikit Yah!"

Again about 11.00 pm, Mimi called again. "Ayah kat mana ni Yah?" "Ayah dah sampai Giant ni. Kejap lagi buka gate untuk Ayah ok."

I was so ignorant and didn't expect anything. All I think was Acik and Mimi is waiting for me so that I can accompany them to sleep as usual. Until I got into the house....

"SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to Ayah! Happy Birthday to you!......... and Mimi presented me a chocolate birthday cake with 5 litted candles.

I was really caught off guard. That was the last thing I can think of. My kids planned a surprise birthday. I was really touched with their gesture. Mimi was the one who got so excited about it.

"Ayah surprise tak yah!" Mimi asked me. "Mesti lah Ayah surprise. Patut lah awak call ayah banyak kali. Ayah ingat kan awak takut nak tidur sorang-sorang. Anyway thank you semua anak-anak ayah". I answered with a bit of tears of happiness in my eyes. Terharu beb.. anak-anak buat surprise party.

I immediately asked Along to get the camera and get Bibik to snap our pics. Nanti I post it here later.

I was really touched that my kids took the trouble to buy a birthday cake for me. Mimi said that she gave Along RM10.00 to buy the cake but Along bagi RM6 saja. Hot adik dia. But to me it's not about the cake. It's about my kids took the trouble to give a me a surprise. It's about them still remember my birthday. It's about caring. It's about love. And it's about everything being a father.

I love my kids. Thank you kiddo.

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lunamaya said...

Happy birthday Bro...may your years to come filled with happiness, health and wealth for you and family.