Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lots of Surprises

What is LOVING means to you? To me it simply mean that someone is caring for you. Someone do have some concern on your well being. Someone want to know whethere you are still ok. Someone still wants you to be part of their life.

And that's what I got from my family from both sides i.e my sisters and brothers and also from my sisters & brothers in law and also out-laws. Both sides of my family did a small birthday party cum gathering for me. But this time I will write about the one that my in-laws and out-laws have organised last Sunday at the "NUTMEG Cafe" in Kota Damansara.

My eldest sister-in-law, Hajjah Fatimah, fondly known as "Bi" was the main orgainser. By the way, she is always our Organiser of many events and she loves doing it. She was assisted by another sis-in-law, Ijah.

Initially they wanted to have the event on Wednesday night for dinner but since I was busy and the kids were schooling, then we have to reschedule it. And in fact that weekend I was busy with my Weekend Leadership Seminar as well. Thus the most convinient time was Hi Tea on Sunday afternoon.

Nutmeg Cafe is a cosy cafe at Kota Damansara where some of my in-laws have frequent it. However it usually closed on Sunday. But they made a special arrangement to fit us there on Sunday. Thanks to the Tan family was being so considerate to open up the cafe for us. And that a plus for them. They know how to serve their customers.

I really appreciate the attendance of my in-laws, out-laws and my nieces and nephew. Liza, Dennis, Jordan and Shasha are from Melbourne and Redha from London. They were here because their mom (Kak Illah) had an operation recently. And of course Joey & Nina from Melaka.

All of my four kids were there with me. However some couldn't attend due to prior commitment.

As usual Bi gave some speech. To make things more hillarious, she accidently told me to cut the "Wedding Cake". What? A wedding cake??? Is there any indication or what? You know lah, I'm now single!!!

The chocolate birthday cake is so good. Full chocolate topping with moist chocolate cake inside. Fresh fruit on the outside decoration.

I had Penang Curry Laksa which was quite good. Others ordered Char Kuey Teow, Fried Chickens, and some other kinds of noodles.

We enjoyed our Hi Tea but by 6.45pm we have to make our way back home.

To all my sister and brothers in-law and out-law, I wish to thank you from deep in my heart. I was touch by your effort to make my birthday a day to remember. And also for the birthday presents that each of them gave me.

And to Hindun who couldn't make it because she had viral fever, thanks for the present and take care. Hope you get well soon.

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