Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tak habis habis Surprise

Kak Chik called me on Thursday. "Mie, awak hari minggu ni free tak? Kalau free boleh datang bawak Mimi kat sini. Kak Chik nak introducekan awak dengan fasilitator yang ajar Mimi itu hari". "Sorry lah Kak Chik, Ahad ni tak boleh. Kami ada seminar. Habis pukul 3.00 ptg. Lepas tu kami nak pergi Kota Damansara sebab Bi ajak Hi tea kat sana." My unfortunate answer to her. "Takpa lah. Next week jer lah". Replied Kak Chik.

Later after lunch, Zalma pulak call. "Mie, kau balik pukul berapa malam ni?" I said "Sebelum Maghrib aku sampai rumah lah. Pehal? She continued "Taha suruh kau datang rumah lepas Maghrib ni nak suruh kau sign form apa entah." I willingly replied, "Ok lah lepas Maghrib nanti aku pergi lah rumah kau nanti."

That was it. I didn't thought of anything but to follow what my little sister requested me to do.

Meanwhile before reaching home after work, Mimi called. "Ayah kat mana ni? Tadi Cik Ama call Mimi. Dia suruh ayah datang rumah dia tak?" "A'ah dia call. Nanti lepas Maghrib Ayah pergi lah nanti." I answered. "Mimi nak ikut tau yah!." She insisted to go. "Ok lah. mandi dulu dan sembahyang dulu. Kalau tak, jangan ikut ok.!" My answer to her request.

So after Maghrib, me and I walk to Zalma's house which was less than 100m away. Acik suddenly wanted to tag along. So when we arrived, her door was locked and the car porch light we off.

Assalamulaikum. Assalamulaikum. When the door open, suddenly....Surprise! Surprise.! Terkejut beruk kejap chek tau. When the light was on, there were already many people there.
Kak Chik, Abang and Kak Son, Kakak and Kak Lang was there. Abang Teh and Hapipah was there as well smiling and laughing. Of course Zalma, Taha and the kids were there. Didi and Zura was too clicking pictures of my "surprise face". Later Abang Zali and my other 2 elder boys join in.

"Lah aku ingat apa. Nasib baik aku balik awal tadi. Kalau aku balik lambat pukul 11.00 malam, hah tunggu lah korang semua" I told out loud. Everybody was laughing then. Apa tak nyer, luckily I didn't have any appointment that night. Kalau tidak, ha sampai malam lah dia orang tunggu nak surprise kan gua..

Anyway we had a short doa selamat. And of course something to eat. Since it was a working day, so food was only KFC, roti canai, satay, and few other fast food stuff to eat.
It was great anyway. Most important it was the thought that count.

Anyway we did have a good time together. I never thought my siblings would do this to me as they had never done a surprise birthday do for me before. Never. But out of sudden, they thought something that would really cheer me up. Yes they did - mission accomplished.

Of course, we did snapped some photos. Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera. Eh mana nak tau kan sebab this is a surprise do kan.

Luckily some of them took some pics and my bro-in-law put up in the Picasaweb. Unfortunately it came out all small pics - I don't really know how to make it bigger. Something I've got to learn. Ya lah.. dah tua-tua ni malas nak belajar about this IT thinggy.

After all the surprises and kecut perut was over, then I asked Zalma. "Ha, Zal. Mana form yang Taha nak aku sign tu. Meh bagi kat aku cepat." That's gave another roar of laughters. hehehe...

Anyway my hearfelt thank you to you all who still remember my birthday and actually went all out to cheer up my life.


lilinbiru said...

happy birthday to u too.

petite n powerful said...

What wonderful stories you have the past few recent blogs. Love reading them. You do have a great dynamic close knit family. You are very lucky, as this has partially filled that painful gap.
Happy birthday and many more wonderful years to come, insya'Allah.

Phlegmatic Melancholic said...


Thank you. It's nice to be around people who still remember my birthday. Somehow it's different since my love one is no more around to give me a Birthday kiss in the morning and she had done it every birthday since we got married. That's is something I cherish.

petite n powerful

Thanks petite. Yeah I'm kinda of lucky to have people who still loves me and did something to fill up the gap. Hanya Allah yang dapat membalas jasa baik mereka.